Anyone got any loose change for the Knopfler sale?


Hehehe… cool article :grin:
He has a couple of cool vids on youtube as well, one where he talks about that he would be a guitar teachers nightmare cause he does everything wrong :rofl:

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Nice of him to give 25% to charity.

I know which one I want, I’ll have to see if the bank manager agrees as well.

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guitar auction results

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Looking at the sale prices you have to question the knowledge of the person who set the estimates…

Knopfler’s 1988 Pensa-Suhr MK-1, which he played at Nelson Mandela’s 70th birthday tribute concert at Wembley Stadium, sold for £504,000 despite having an estimate of just £8,000.

Elsewhere, the Red Schecter Telecaster, which Knopfler purchased in 1984 to record hit Dire Straits song Walk Of Life, went under the hammer for £415,800, well above its £6,000 estimate.

It’s like they don’t know the guitar market at all. You’d be lucky to get a set of his used strings for £6000!!! I’m not necessarily saying that you’d come up with £400k, but an estimate of £6k for a guitar that was used on a famous song seems way off

Honestly, that seems more appropriate than what they sold for. I mean, $500k for a guitar because it was played by someone special?

People have too much money and don’t know what to do with it. Cool the dude was famous, but in the end, it is still just a guitar.

The speculative item market is gambling. Just hoping some fool in the future will be soft enough to pay even more.

At least I hope this auction and the prices were partially driven by the charity side of it.


Perhaps ( I hope) it will be used as a museum piece and with the money that will come in, a number of charities will be supported or something along those lines and this will become a permanent money machine for charities… you don’t know (yet) and well, everyone has the right, without my complaint, to do with his or her money whatever he sees fit, as far as I’m concerned, as long as it doesn’t harm others… when I’m (financially) rich later, I’ll do something a little differently, but I’ll actually we will never succeed to that money on the bank because there is too much suffering around us (people and animals)… but hopefully one day I will play Mark’s guitar that I bought for a small price in my animal pasture with disabled people around me… oja and my wife of course :blush:

dreams :zzz: sweet dreams :zzz: :smiley:

Yeah but these aren’t about what’s appropriate, they’re about what they expect the item to sell for, and no matter how ridiculous it is, there’s no way a Mark Knopfler guitar used on a famous track is selling for £6k. It’s the equivalent of if the weather forecaster told us it was going to be 80 degrees and sunny in the U.K. in February just because that’s what people would like the weather to be.
Maybe the truth is it’s about getting people interested. As expensive as £6k is, more people will take a look at the auction than if the starting estimate was £200k

In the end, it was just a piece of toast.

You might think differently if this was bought by a freaky doctor and in a few years a clone of this man will be walking around… :roll_eyes:


I would rather he clone Mark Knopfler…

Yes, me too, because I even just had to look this boy up on Google… but that of course says more about my age (and intrest yes also intrest I hope ) than I would like :grimacing: