Anyone have a favorite year/model MIM Stratocaster

What’s your favorite year and model for the made in Mexico strats?

I picked up a 2009 standard SSS lake placid blue with rosewood fretboard. It’s got a couple kinda large paint chips. poly finishes are pretty tough to fix but hoping I can at least make them less noticeable. suppose to be getting delivered today.


Why not relic it? But take a good look on YT to see how it’s done. Crimson guitars have done a good video I think!

My MiM Roadhouse Deluxe with V6 Pre-amp. Versatile tones and a great player.
And yes the label was removed shortly after the pics were taken.

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My first decent lefty was a MiM Standard strat (2003) (SSS) in black and plain white scratchplate.
I learned my first JG lessons on that guitar, conquered the F and some barre shapes, learned to improvise and finger pick on it. Threw in some Bare Knuckle Irish Tour pickups in there, locking tuners and shielding. A great workhorse

Okay so… when I bought this, I was thinking… if this doesn’t play/sound nicer than my cheap strat copy, I’m gonna be so disappointed.

well no disappointment here. :grinning: even though my cheap strat copy is setup decent, there is stuff like the balance of it, and the neck shape, and just the overall feel of it. and the Fender does sound different, not just the pickups. cause if ya play it unplugged you can hear the difference.

The serial lookup shows this was a HSS so not really sure what the pickups are. They are alnico and staggered. I’m assuming there Fender, I’ll have to check when I change strings.

Gonna leave the chips alone it has a few more that didn’t show in the pictures. Not much of a fan of the artificial relicing, and poly will never wear like nitro.