Anyone I used to know?

Eclectic music tastes me, Brian … Everything from Joachim Rodrigo to Motley Crue …

… but if we’re talking Motorhead … the man himself put it best … “Only way to feel the noise is when it’s good and loud” :wink:

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Hey Simon
welcome back! We haven’t met but still wanted to say hi and welcome :slight_smile:
The new community is a great place, hope you stick around
Looking forward to hearing more from you and would love to hear you play :smiley:

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Hello Simon, and welcome to the community :hugs:. It’s great to read, that you’ve decided to give the new forum a chance :smiley:. It’s a busy, but nevertheless very friendly place.
I hope to hear more from you :blush:.

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It seems I have to acquaint myself properly with the draft clipboard before I hurt myself :laughing:

Helen, Jasmine, Nicole … Apologies for not thanking you sooner for you warm welcomes … the forum software said ‘slow down, sunshine’ and limited me to the first nine replies for 24hrs.

Now I’m getting used to the layout, I’m getting comfortable and enjoying the experience :smiley:


Wishbone, that’s a name I haven’t seen in a while! Reds supporter if I remember correctly?

I was and still am mainly a lurker on here, so you might not remember me. But still, welcome back sir! Glad to hear you’re back at this guitar thing!


Aye … You got me, man. If you remember that, you’re definitely a veteran :grin:

Thanks for the welcome back, mate!