Anyone in Malaysia and opinions

Hi all!

I wanted to ask, is there anyone based in Malaysia?
Do you know either of these shops?

  1. C&M music centre:
  2. Live music centre:

Are they reliable? I can’t find if they ship to the UK. Does anyone know?

Then question to the wider community.
I’m obsessed with getting another Ibanez like the one I already have. Don’t ask why, I just want two of them. I love her so much, I want another!
If either of these stores ship to the UK, is it worth it buying from there or is it going to be more costly and risky than I would like? Or is it maybe just a stupid idea?

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I visit Malaysia occasionally but I don’t know either of these shops. The first one is actually in JB (Johor Bahru), so it’s quite close to me, just across the water. If ever I visit JB I may check them out.

Regarding shipping, you are best to contact them and ask about shipping, because you can also get a shipping price.

For importing a guitar to the UK, you are looking at adding 20% VAT and 3.2% duty at customs.

As for whether it’s risky, there’s always a risk, but a lot comes down to which shipping company they use, and what warranties/insurance they have. These are also questions you should ask them.

Personally, I think they would have to be a lot cheaper than a UK or EU store, or to be the only place I could get it, for me to consider it.



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Without knowing how much they charge for the guitar and postage, and how much the same guitar costs in the UK, I don’t see how anyone can answer that.

@Majik Keith, @jacksprat Chris,

Thanks for your replies.
The guitar is a discontinued model, not available anywhere in the UK or EU, and nowhere to be seen in the 2nd hand market in either of the two colours which used to be produced.
These two stores appear to have it in stock…
Price is approximately 450gbp.
Which is a bit cheaper than I bought mine in 2019 (575gbp retail back then but I think I got a price match and got it for 500 but I’m not sure).

Looking at the Ibanez range now, they have removed the Dimarzio Tone Zone and Air Norton from their guitars, they have some other Dimarzio Fusion something which is only produced for Ibanez, they have some fancier circuits for the electronics… And up-ed the price to 1000+ for the new models (like for like, comparing the 621 with a 621) so, for me, buying the new model doesn’t seem like a very bright idea. That’s why I want the previous one.

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In that case I would give them a call.

I would say there’s nothing about Malaysian companies specifically that makes them “dodgy” but it’s always best to be wary.

Find out if you can use a method of payment that gives you protection. Check costs, including shipping costs, and what shipping company they use. What insurance they will use, and things like tracking and expected shipping time

That is, of course, if they even do shipping.

By the way, there are similarities between the two web sites which make me think they are owned by the same company.



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Price seems good in that case, and given that you really want it, it’s worth asking if they’ll ship it to you. Safest option might be Fedex or UPS. Won’t be cheap, but at least it will arrive!


Thanks for the input!

I’ll try to give them a call next week.
Reading your comments, it does seem it won’t be cheap and probably end up being more expensive than what I spent for my first 621.

I’ll see if there are any alternatives for a guitar too but I really like the neckthrough on this.

And I don’t even need a new guitar, I’m just GASing I guess :joy: