Anyone in Sunshine Coast, Australia want to meet up & jam?

Thought I’d try this with the new Blues Immersion thing just starting, and noticing a few other Aussies around the JG community - anyone on the Sunshine Coast want to meet up & jam some time?

I’m in the northern end of the SC.

It would be pretty cool to meet and jam some blues, but really, I’m OK with playing or jamming anything. Whatever your skill level, early beginner through to pros, I’m not fussed. I’ve been playing just over 2 1/2 years.


I’m tempted…
Sorely tempted! :rofl:

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Book a flight! :rofl:

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Just when winter’s about to start down there ??? :rofl:

It felt like it started today, a chilly morning of 12 degrees C and only up to 22!

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Arrived, Sunny Coast, July ’93 and got the taxi driver to take us straight to the beach-

Can you swim in the sea at this time of the year?
Where you from mate?
Yeah… you can swim, mate! :rofl:


I’m certainly interested, I haven’t been very active here recently but just saw today that you are at Noosa. Was thinking of messaging you about just this.

I’m currently at Peregian Beach, been here 4 weeks and will be here until probably September.

Also signed up to Blues Immersion.

I’m in a music club on the Gold Coast that has regular jams and camping weekends. Several years ago one of our members moved to the Sunshine Coast and now the club has regular Sunshine Coast jams and open mics.

From the about section

The Sunshine Coast Acoustic Music Group was spawned from the Coast Acoustic Music Association, when one of the active members moved to the Sunshine Coast.

We are a community organisation sharing the live acoustic music experience of folk, bluegrass, blues, reggae, country, popular and roots music on the Sunshine Coast.

Come and enjoy performances and participate in open mics, jam sessions, concerts, workshops and festivals.

Looking for a place to meet people who are into LIVE acoustic music?

We get together every month. Come and join in a Jam Session, Music Workshop or Open Mic, keep an eye on the Events Tab for changes or updates.

The fourth Saturday afternoon each month - Jam 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm, at the lovely old Valdora Community Hall. Attendance fee is $5 per event.

The second (Jam) and forth (Open Mic) Wednesday day evening each month - 6:00 pm to close at The Palmwoods Bowls Club. Free entry!

All ages, skill levels and acoustic instruments are WELCOME!

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Thanks for that one Tony, not far from me at all.

“Its not so far to travel” I am telling myself…

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Leon and Kim are on the committee with me, great guys, hope you catch up with them and have fun soon.

Hey @RodC, Peregian Beach is pretty close. I’ll DM you.

@tony Thanks for the SC acoustics info, looks interesting.

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One of my life regrets (that I’m certain I’ll never remedy) is that I’ve never visited Australia.