Anyone in the Suffolk/Norfolk Area?

Anyone in the Suffolk or Norfolk area who want to team up?
I’m from Brandon, Suffolk.
I’m an older learner, 65 and just retired, young in mind and spirt though :wink:
My main influence is Passenger.
C heers


Hi Ian, I am aged 59 and I have been playing for 4 years, electric guitar mainly, playing rock and pop covers. I have just started playing in a group in my local village of Ludham, Norfolk. I play rhythm guitar but would like to learn lead techniques, my improvising skills are pretty much non existent and I would like to get better at string bending and playing lead solos. Unfortunately I don’t have as much time as I would like to learn this stuff as learning songs for the band is my priority right now. Good luck with your playing and, although I realise you are quite a way from me I would be happy to meet up sometime for a jam.

@laser_171825 Hi Malcom

Yes certainly a shame we are that far away from each other.
I’ve been trying to get a few like minded souls together here in Brandon and surrounding area. We have a little WhatsApp group with the idea that we post encouraging posts to help each other. Must admit I’m getting a little tired of trying to encourage its use.
There is a little group that meet in Thetford every 1st Wednesday, which is the only day of the week I can’t manage.
Now the spring is here, maybe we will meet as my house or the summer house which is of a size we can get maybe 6 people together to jam.
I have tried several avenues here also to see if anyone could give us a room occasionally to jam, but as yet, to no avail.
Good luck with the band, and if you gig closer to me, shout out