Anyone used S-Gear by Scuffham Amps

As some of you may know, I’ve been delving into the amp software world after getting my first Focusrite about a month ago.
Have tried out alot of free sims, some of which I’ve found pretty good,some crap. Have been trying out some of the big names suites like Amplitude, BiasFX, Guitar Rig etc.
From a novices perspective, there appears to be alot of chaff mixed in with these big suites, along with endless amps, effects, IRs etc. Found myself getting overwhelmed by the pure numbers. A lot of time caught in the trap of fiddling around, but nevertheless learning along the way.
During my research, I kept seeing the occasional mention of S-Gear by Scuffman Amps, particularly among professional/ semi professional folk. I was still buying into the ‘more is better’ mindset of suites like Amplitude, BiasFX etc, but 2 days ago I did download S-Gear’s 10 day fully functional trial.
Instantly, I was blown away by the tones I was getting, and just from the presets available. The other sims I’d been using suddenly sounded a bit artificial and plastic by comparison.
Finding it much quicker to get not only the tones I’m looking for, but the sounds seem so rich and organic. This software, at least presently for me, seems to hit the sweet spot of brilliant tones, with minimal fiddling.
Has anyone had experience with this software?

Cheers, Shane

I don’t have any experience with that product, Shane. But it sounds like you have your winner.

Without wanting to muddy the waters, I use Waves GTR (perhaps that is one of your etcs) and it works well enough for me. If you’ve not checked it out you can hear how it sounds when used by a novice electric player, me, in this song

Thanks for the response David. I did check out Waves GTR, and it seems pretty good.
Being a novice still in this world, I’m just going by what my ears tell me, along with some other factors like the interface, ease of use etc ( ie minimal fiddling about :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) S-Gear just sounds so much better than all others I’ve tried. I believe the guy who developed it 10 years ago, Mike Scuffham, used to work for Marshall designing/ developing amps.

Cheers, Shane

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Not used S-Gear but a plus one for Waves GTR and its variants. I also had a “hooky” version of Guitar Rig for a while but it seemed quite expensive to buy compared the one on the Waves package I bought years back. Plus both work as standalone on the desktop, not just in a DAW.

Probably don’t help but thought I’d share.



Thanks for the response Toby. Pretty much sold on the S-Gear I think. Theres a fully functional 10 day trial if you ever want to try it out. Works standalone and with a DAW as well.

Cheers, Shane