Apirl 2024, Angel - Theory Of A Deadman, Someone Like You - Adele

Hey guys been awhile since i posted one lol. This probably could have been better if i could find a drum back track but i could not find one! :frowning: Anyways hope you enjoy! Im a little rusty but had fun none the less!

Heres another song i sang this to the love of my life before we moved on… Enjoy! (Someone like you)

Heres another Adele song, love this song! May do a video on it sometime!



A good performance of a song I didn’t know. Perhaps because of the lack of a drum track your guitar and vocals are sometimes not synched. Your guitar part seemed confident throughout. (Excellent walk on part by the dog too!)


Thanks Beejay! Yeah some of my vocals are out of sync i actually had to record 2 parts of my vocals cus i messed up on the first recording lol. I just didnt wanna insert all that to fix it lol. I shoulda just let the guitar part play out on that section! Glad you enjoyed it! :smiley:

I really liked this! Cool how you alternated the video between your singing and electric guitar parts.

Thanks Tosh!

Another cover posted… Someone Like You, This time with my own twist!

Just did Easy On Me!

Didnt spend to much time on these, pushed for time…

Hey Byron,
I took in Angel… nice job, good tone and video work. Lacking a drum track? Come now - Live would have a full drum machine capability. Why not learn how to use it? I am sure there would be videos on it at the Tube… I did a quick search and there are many drum tutorials. Here is one of them. You will love making drum tracks, pretty simple once you get into it!

Take care,

Thanks man! Lol ill have to check it out! Thanks!! Im not familiar with drum tracks, except drum backing tracks. Ill check it out thanks!