App and Dashboard


I’ve been playing the guitar for a bit and the material here looks great and I’m keen to start using it but I have a couple of questions.

  1. The app on my phone and my account on my PC don’t seem to be linked. Is this by design? I’d like to sometimes use my PC to complete the course content and sometimes my mobile device but they don’t seem to be linked.

Is this possible using the JustinGuitar app and website?

  1. The app I seem to have to click and go through all of Module 1 before I’m able to progress under “Daily practice”.
    How can I easily skip to the Module I’m completing on the website using the app?

  2. The app mentions “Unique” practice plans for premium users. On the website I can setup practice routines and plans. I haven’t found this feature on the app after subscribing.

Does the app have Routines, and Items?

Appreciate the help. The website is great but so far I’ve been confused by the app and not sure what the value of having it is for learning.

Welcome to the forums!

Be sure to search for questions as you will often find a lot of good information you didn’t expect while searching for your answer.

  1. the app and the web site are not linked. Justin partnered with Musopia for the app and it is a different tool that uses the web lesson videos. I found its primary use was being able to get easy access to songs that were set up for easy play, and being able to slow the tempo to meet my ability. I eventually outgrew it. The web site has the login pages set up for you to create your own practice routines. The app is convenient, but you really want to get used to creating meaningful routines for your own needs and limitations. By grade 3, you will likely diverge enough from the generalized routine that you really want to have a personalized practice set up.
  2. I don’t remember this problem, but it has been about 9 months since I used the app. Hopefully someone still using it can help.
  3. Not sure what “premium member” means. I think it may mean that you paid for one or more of the special classes like strumming or music theory. There are certainly practice items at the end of those modules that you won’t see until you want to buy the class. I’d recommend getting a little further into your lessons before you need to think about adding one of those. You want to understand the benefits of the class and how it matches your goals before joining it. I have purchased a couple extra classes. They are in the same format as the regular classes, but dive deeper into details.

I recommend watching the Nitsuj lesson videos. Those really helped me classify my skills and know where I was good enough and where I need more work.


Welcome, Goughie. The App and Website are not linked. I’m not sure if they will be someday or not.

I’ve looked at my App and though there is a warning in orange that one should complete the lesson before practice, I was still able to click on start practice and use it.

No, the app doesn’t not have routines and items.

I mainly use the App for the karaoke song practice, it’s really helped me learn songs and get the timing/rhythm right. But I’ve also watched some lessons on it whenever my computer isn’t available.


Hi Paul…
As Michael @sequences & Rebecca @LunaRocket said above they’re not linked.

I initially was very annoyed by that but decided to try to make it an advantage. Now, I do the lesson on the web & then do it a second time in the app! Other than that, I only use the app for the karaoke play/sing along feature. I don’t use it for the practice routine at all…



Thank you all for the input. I thought I was missing something. I’ve ditched the app now. I wish I’d just donated directly to JustinGuitar via the web instead of bothering with the app.


Personally I think the app is a good tool for practicing songs & staying in time!
I really like how it helps me keep track of which lessons I’ve only watched once as opposed to twice or more… It is a useful tool to keep in your toolkit since you paid for the year anyway…
Good luck with your musical journey!!!