App disapointing, more suited to new user

Can’t sync playlist/favorites from my existing Tabs account with the App.
The list of songs available on the app appears more limited than on my Tabs account. The songs are not labeled with difficulty level. I could not use it with my existing Tabs account so now have 2 purchases with no added value. All disappointing so far. Will delete the app and return to the website.

Not sure what you were expecting… you said it yourself, the app is aimed at beginners. It’s features are pretty well documented, and there’s also a free trial you could have used to explore it’s functionality before purchase.

The app is owned by Musopia and not Justin, hence the current lack of sync. There is talk of syncing lesson progress but I highly doubt that will ever extend to syncing with Justin’s Tabs. Why? Because there would be a major mismatch. Justin’s Tabs are for the real songs, whereas many in the app are simplified for beginners, for obvious reasons.