App down?

Hey guys, the app has stopped working for my iOS phone. Just staying on the loading screen.

Anyone else?

Just checked and it is working for, it was updated recently. I am based in the uk and using my iPad.
By the way welcome to the community
Michael :grinning:

It’s not working for me on my iPhone. Just the loading screen. Can someone please fix?! I was looking forward to playing along to some songs today.

It’s working for me on my iPhone, I’m UK based and ran the update 2 days ago

I’m also uk based and have a fully updated phone and app but still not working.

Just checked my iPad and it’s working on that, just not my iPhone.

The app seems really, really finicky when it comes to connection on starting. Any hiccup or momentary disturbance and it just seems to give up. I can sit here running it on my PC (via emulator) on a wired connection and never have a single issue, yet find that it won’t load on my phone connected to the very same router via wireless.

Yeah it still wasn’t working as if this morning. I deleted the app, and reinstalled it and it seems to be working now.

Just make sure you read the prompts when deleting app and make sure you click “keep subscription “.

I had the same problem. I had to delete and reinstall the app. This seemed to remedy the problem.

App 326 iPhone 6S iOS 15.7

App asks for microphone access for tuner, but the app options doesNt shoe any microphone access option . I have reported the bug .

reinstalling the app didn’t work for me.
I have an android phone, and it is stuck on the musopia logo
with the text “igniting” and numbers that go up very slowly.
I’ve waited for over 30 minutes I think

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If you wait any longer than a minute or so then you’re just wasting your time. Try force-closing the app on your phone/tablet and start it again. (Don’t just press your home button then reopen the app, because that doesn’t stop the app.)

The app is essentially just a portal, with all of it’s content hosted on Musopia servers. It seems to be very susceptible to even very minor hiccups in connection, far more so than most apps. It seems almost like if it loses connection to the servers, it maybe tries a couple of times to reconnect before just giving up entirely, all without informing the user.

If you do most of your playing at home and have a PC or laptop with a wired connection, look into installing the app on those instead via emulator. The app never fails to load for me on my wired PC, yet fails sometimes on my phone connected to the same router via wireless.