App region locked?

The app is not available in my area (North Macedonia, Android 12), bummer to find out halfway through the lesson :frowning:

Hi Dejan, welcome to the forum! I’m not sure I understand - what do you mean by ‘finding out halfway through the lesson’? Which lesson are you on? Are you following the lessons over on the website? If so, you can happily continue. The app is great for the play along feature and fooling around with song, but the website has more lesson content (added written explanation, specific forum topics with loads of questions and answers, …).


Well yeah, I am on [All Courses][grade 1][Module 1] 12 Lessons when Justin suggested to practice the song via the app, however the app is not available in my region.

And AFAIK the website doesn’t have that feature, to play along with the song.

You can always you this page for song practice.

I know I can, the app however displays useful information along the song.

What is the problem with it not available worldwide?

Hi Dejan @armac911, if you can use the website, you can also use the premade practice routines. For module 1, you’ll find it here: These routines are tailor made to make you practice what you’ve learned in the corresponding module. You’ll see that under the tab “practice” you can copy the practice routine to your practice assistant. The last 10 min of those practice routines is playing songs, and there’s a video you can follow, with 3 (parts of) songs to play along to. As in the app, the video shows you when to change chords. You can also slow it down to 25, 50 or 75% of the original speed, which comes in handy at the beginning. It’s not exactly the same as the app, but it is a play along feature directed at what you’ve learned in the corresponding module. So even without the app, you can still play along to a couple of songs. Certainly at the stage you are at now, this is a very valuable practise which will teach you a lot. And above all, it makes practising so much more fun!

It’s also worthwhile to take a look at this lesson of Module 1: There Justin explains how to use the practice assistant and how you can personalise the routines to best accommodate what you’re learning or struggling with.

I think you do have a very valid question, Dejan. One of the app’s main features is that it allows you to play along with the songs since there is always at least a click track, and since there are often different backing tracks in addition.

I suppose that the app is not available in your region because of licensing issues. That’s unfortunately just my best guess.

Can the developer please comment on this @MusopiaApps ? :slightly_smiling_face:



Hi Dejan, we’re very sorry that the app is not available in your region, this is due to licensing and where we can legally have the songs from the app playing.

We are currently looking into adding more country availability for the app but we cannot promise that we will be able to include North Macedonia because ultimately this decision rests with the song licensers

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Thank you for the answer. I will continue using the website. Cheers.