App song practice - are the strumming patterns just suggestions?

Hi to jp team I do have a question about the app in the songs practice the part where it shows you strumming is that a suggestion or is that the best strum for that song .why I ask is a lot of songs show straight down strums on a lot of songs .

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Hi Jeff, I always considered the given strumming patterns as a suggestion. Often those patterns in the app are simplified to the suggested patterns in Justin’s song books or videos. Mostly the suggested patterns of the app are 4 down strums or Old Faithful. I started playing the songs first with the suggested pattern of the app and when I could play them fluently, I added other patterns as suggested in the song books or videos. Or experiment with different patterns.

I actually reached out about “Wish You Were Here” on the app because the strumming pattern on it is just downs and that doesn’t work with that song. You probably know that song has a complicated pattern that alternates throughout. The answer I got was that the app’s songs are mostly geared towards beginners and so the strums are simplified in some songs.

interesting you say that. On many of 4 down strum songs, i found myself “feeling” a different strum and just went with it. Those are actually ah-ha moments for me.

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