App Subscription, Tabs Subscription

I am woefully confused what I have and don’t have and what I should add. Help!?! I am a beginner both with guitar and the site/app.

I have an account for the website, for which I donate monthly. I have the songs/lessons app subscription with purchase of the first beginner course, I’m pretty sure.

Next, I have the beginner and intermediate coursebooks in hardcopy plus the two beginner song books in hardcopy. Do I need to subscribe to the tabs as well? Does that duplicate or supplement what I already have in the books and the app? I’m thinking I should subscribe to the tabs as that will have more content but I’m curious if that is duplicative in any way. Any recommendations?

Assuming I have bought the first beginner course, here is my list of resources:
Justin website
Justin lessons/songs app
Beginner, intermediate books, print
Both beginner songbooks, print
Should I add tabs subscription?
What order should I do lessons - book, website, app in that order and then tabs for more song detail than the app?

Thank you for any guidance! - KURT

Hi Kurt,

Welcome to the Community :slight_smile: I have a very short answer to you: I would suggest you keep to the website in general as it has much more details than the songs app. Justin’s videos are really well made and the accompanying text helps you understand the given topic. In addition, the website has hundreds and hundreds of song lessons of various levels.

As for extra subscription, I can recommend the music theory course which costs about 10 USD for 6 months or 100 USD for a lifetime access. Doing the theory course in parallel with the beginner course will deepen your understanding of music theory as applied to the guitar.


Hi Kurt,

I would use the website for the lessons as it includes some useful information in the learn more section of the lesson.

For learning songs the song lessons on the website are great and the books are a perfect companion to them.

The app is great for playing songs to backing tracks to practice keeping your timing. You can also rewatch the video lessons on the app if you have some spare time to make sure you picked up everything.

The course books accompany the old beginners course now known as the classic course. There is still a lot of great information in them.

The beginners song books tend to be simplified to make it easier for you learning. I’ve not used the tabs but I’d expect them to be the licensed tabs from one of the publishers.

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You can follow the lesson in the Books Here There has been a major upgrade to the Beginner Course and the Intermediate Course Is in the process of a major upgrade.
You can still use the books with the new lessons on the website they just won’t follow the new course exactly. Justin has re-filmed and add some really great lesson to the New course.

I highly recommend you follow the new course on the web site it and all the songs that go with it are free. You don’t need the tabs the songs in the songbooks will do just fine.
Good like with the lessons and songs Music is the best gift you can give to yourself.

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Contrary to what some others are recommending, I found it easier to do everything within the App at first.

I found the combination of the video lessons, the integrated simple practice routines, and the curated lists of play along songs to be an absolutely winning combination…for me.

I use the website much more than the app now, but in the early days I found it confusing, and difficult to get a good practice routine established.

This said, it is true that there is more info and resources associated with the video lessons on the website (the videos themselves are identical).

There are also highly detailed lessons on individual songs on the website, but I found most of them to be above my level at first

Different approaches work for different people…find the one that works for you.

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