App sync with website - multiple devices

HI all
Been away for an extended period and essentiallly getting back to 0 .I did a search while typing this up so my first question is answered, does the app sync with the website, ‘not yet’
My second question, if i have the app on my phone and my iPad, if I use one or the other at different times, will they sync? Currently I use ipad for the website version, but if it is identical in the app I will use the app on ipad, but if I don’t have my ipad and practice on my phone, will it sync to my ipad?

Welcome to the forum! The app syncs through your account, so no matter which device you use, as long as you use the same log in data, it will be synced. This said, I personally prefer using the website as it has additional info through the link with this forum and let’s you customise the ready made practice schemes if you want to.

Have fun!

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