App that avoids some social media adverts

Not sure if this is the right place to post this because it doesn’t quite fit any other category.
How many of you get annoyed by the Adverts in YouTube, Vimeo, Tiktok and Twitch and a couple of others?
There’s an App that will load these Apps and circumvent the Adverts.
Not sure if it’s just iOS but I’ve not yet looked on Android, will have to look!

Get it to work on Windows and I’ll happily but it. YouTube has become a right pita. :rage:

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Ublock origin works for YouTube on Windows.

You can also use a pihole if you’re keen


On Windows, I use Edge with AdBlockPlus. I get zero ads on Youtube videos.

Install Edge. Click on the three dot menu in the upper right hand corner, and then select Extensions from the drop down. Search for and Install AdBlockPlus.

Interesting I have Adblock Plus on Chrome, wonder if I can change anything ? Will do some digging. Thank you Robs x 2 :sunglasses:

I have AdblockPlus on Firefox and UBlock Origin on chrome. Both work a treat.
But nothing on my android phone and it gets on my nerves when on youtube with all these ads.

Thanks guys Adblock has sorted Chrome out, I must have disabled it in the past for some odd reason. :sunglasses:

I was going to say that maybe Google doesn’t let you block ads because they own Youtube.

Glad you were able to sort it out!

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Here’s the Android version of the same App as I have on my iPhone and pad ✅[Updated] Video Lite: No Ads APK Download for PC / Android [2022]


Next one for my TV please :rofl:

Haha I misread that initially, I somehow saw S’s in it :joy:
OMG, my brain hurts…………

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Think I’ll avoid messing with the router :scream:
YouTube on TV is via FreeSat (UK TV in France :wink: ) and despite taking ethernet is an old not so smart one, so guess I’ll live with the ads there. But I accidently streamed from my tablet once, how I don’t know !! but that may do it !

Good info here peeps.


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To be fair I’m a software engineer with 30 years experience and I’m not using it lol


Why am I not surprised :joy:
I think that you would have to be really nerdy to be into that!
Part of my job when I was working was Admin on our 3D CAD System, that was nerdy enough for me!

38 years in it operations frontline managing systems or operating them taught me a long long time ago stay clear of networks leave that to the experts like our own majik.

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