App versions

I am having a problem using the app on my 5th Gen iPad. I was using the app for a few months, but the upgrade won’t download on this device. The upgrade works on my iPhone, but still only shows the old version on iPad. What are the limitations?

You need to tell people what version of iPadOS you are running as that’s most likely to be the limiting factor (in there is one)

(Go to Settings → About → iPadOS version)

If you’re on v17.x.x you probably should be ok.
Something earlier might be more dodgy

I suppose the other question is what version of the songs app are you running? There’s an “About” menu in the app. I’ve got 3.11.2 (9262/1) which as far as I know is as up to date as there is

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Hi @RPK1,
Ryan I posted a similar issue the other day and have since received a response from the support team. What I have done is that I have deleted the original app and reinstated it with a newer version, 3.11.2 (9262/1) as referred to by @mattswain, on both iPad and iPhone. It does look as if the software team are constantly updating the app so I will be keeping a close watch on both iPhone and iPad in future

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