App vs website

I have purchased a sub through the app last year. If that lapses, what do I lose on the website side of this,

Welcome to the forum Mike
You shouldn’t lose anything the app and website are separate entities.

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Oh nice. I was worried if I let the sub last I’d lose access on the website. Thanks!!

Welcome Mike, the website is 99% free. There are some paid for or subscription courses, for example Practical Music Theory but even these are great value for money IMHO. :sunglasses:

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Oh good.
I was looking at the lessons and the songs and stuff and hoping it stayed.

I will look into those other courses though

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When you rarely hit a pay wall and are not sure of the requirement or value, just shout up here for advice. I’ve purchased many of these over the years and not regretted any and many of those have been refilmed and updated and I’ve bought the latest versions as well. But hey your mileage may vary !

Just enjoy the ride.



I would add, for now just follow the website Grade system one lesson at a time. Justin might suggest certain additional courses to supplement those lessons but they won’t hold you back. Stick to the path and you won’t go wrong.


Thank you for the advice I can’t wait to get started again

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