App won't load - 10 days and no luck

I’ve been using the justin app on the same android device for almost 2 years. for the past 10 days the app won’t load. I’ve followed all the instructions from Musopia(reinstalled the app, cleared the cache). Am I the only one having a problem with the app? It’s very fustrating trying to get this resolved.


Philip, have you emailed Musopia support for help?

CC @MusopiaApps

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Hi Philip,
I had a similar problem recently and as David said above, email the help team.
They were really helpful and had the problem resolved in next to no time, (apart from timezones, which no one can do any thing about).
Give them a try. Good luck.

I got the app to load. I reset my internet connection at the modem by unplugging it for 5min. I also powered down and restarted my wireless router. That seemed to fix the problem. Not sure why since the rest of my apps were working fine prior to the reset.