April 2023 Traveler: Chasin That Neon Rainbow--Alan Jackson, Hurricane--The Band of Heathens, Hurt--Johnny Cash, Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town--Pearl Jam

Heya guys!

A couple tidbits as a “progression point” for this vid. I have actually been sick for nearly the past 2 weeks, and I haven’t been able to sing. This was the first time that I have really “sang deep” recently, so that was really nice and it felt good.

I’m on vacation this week and am looking forward to a lot of guitar work. I’m currently all over the place in terms of Justin’s course, but I’m mostly working on Grade 5–Finger Style and Grade 5–Blues Lead essentials. I have been playing my stratocaster quite a bit more, and working on bending techniques.

On the studio end, I think that I figured out my panning issue from my last several videos, and I’m working more with the fx in OBS (and reaper). It’s baby steps, but it seems like I learn a neat new trick every day. The video series by Tony is fantastic.

I started learning this tune about 2 weeks ago, but as I said above, wasn’t able to sing it properly. I like where this is at, and think that this will be a golden tune for me. As always any feedback is appreciated!! I hope that you all like it, and are having a blast picking away!!

Chasin That Neon Rainbow–Alan Jackson

Chasin That Neon Rainbow—Alan Jackson (SoundCloud)


You’ve got a great tone to your voice.
Btw - thought you might be amused to know that you’re in good company as this great live acoustic version of Nutshell came up on YouTube immediately after watching your AVOYP -

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Thank you @Sound_Bound !! And wow that is definitely good company! Fantastic tune!

Travis and his strong voice - quality performance as ever! Even more impressive it only took 2 weeks for you to nail it down, well done Sir! Btw what is happening with your camera? Are you streaming directly into youtube via OBS? Might be better to first record it locally and then to upload it so video is not clipping so heavily. All the best T!

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Thank you @adi_mrok , I really like how this one turned out (sound wise, ha!) I was kind of wondering the same thing about the video. Initially, I thought that it might just be the camera on my laptop, but it’s a nearly new laptop so I don’t think that’s the case.

I am recording in OBS, then uploading to YouTube, so I guess that means that I’m recording locally? Maybe it’s a setting in OBS that I’m messing up? The whole home studio initiative has been a lot of, figuring stuff out, and I still got a ways to go.

I am running all sound through reaper to OBS, so there might be something in between there? I actually just bought the full license to reaper yesterday, so I’m committed on that front! I seem to figure out more and more every day with it.

Thanks for listening! Here is another tune that I recorded yesterday. It seems like I had the same video issue. To be continued!

Hurricane—The Band of Heathens

Hurricane–The Band of Heathens (SoundCloud)

Hey Travis

Very nice work mate, again. Solid on the guitar, and those power vocals - and you’re probably nowhere near 100% recovered yet.
Re the camera clipping. Might be a few things, but unfortunately 99% of inbuilt cameras on laptops are absolute shite. Shouldn’t be that way, but it is.
All the best.

Cheers Shane

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Thank you @sclay !! I might just to get a separate webcam eventually?! Could just throw my computer in the river and start over.

On a positive note, I have a public gig next week after taking a month off to consolidate/get over sickness.


That was great Travis.

Good luck with your gig as well. Same day as the open mic for here.

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Thank you @SgtColon !! I actually have a private gig tomorrow night too, but the Saturday night gig I have posted above will be a big crowd that likes country music, so I’m really looking forward to it!

I need to get in the next community open mic. I participated in the Xmas event and that was a lot of fun!

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Nice, nice. Your grungy country voice can carry a lot of songs I reckon, it has so much interest.

Weird how the webcam was so jittery. Makes me think it’s either an underpowered computer or some settings on it, as the audio was totally fine.

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Travis, apart from the camera issues, both songs were really good! You are blessed with your voice, strong and full, perfect for country. Was a pleasure to listen! Thanks for sharing!

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Thank you @jkahn !!

I’m going to mess around with my settings next time I record. If it’s not that, I might just get a nice webcam sooner than later.

Thank you @Helen0609 !! I feel fortunate to have the voice that I do. It hasn’t gotten me through some of the “rough patches” of the guitar journey. Ha.

My A-shaped barre chords are still messy so I’m still trying to sort that out. Thanks for listening!

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Here is a song that I recorded last night in my garage during a practice session!

Johnny Cash—Hurt

Hello all!

I had a great gig last night, but unfortunately don’t have any footage in my personal possession, ha!

Here is my last recording of the month and a song that I have always loved! @jkahn here is a rock song!

Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town–Pearl Jam (YouTube)
Elderly Woman Behind The Counter In A Small Town–Pearl Jam (SoundCloud)


Hey Travis, I listened to Neon Rainbow. Very nice. Glad you got your voice back. Such an annoyance when that happens, GRRR! Anyway, I loved it! Good job!

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Thank you very much @pkboo3 !! It seems like we were a revolving pocket of sickness at my house for a while, but hopefully we are in the clear now!

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Rock on Travis.

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