Are Friends Electric/The Weakness In Me

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Hope May finds you well.

We’ve a couple of new covers. I’ve posted them as one as The Weakness In Me doesn’t have massive amounts of guitar (and well this is Justinguitar :)) - just mostly supporting the piano, but Katja sounds great. Top tune.
It’s interesting though as sometimes it feels when writing songs I try to force guitar in and it’s not always needed - or not so upfront.

Are Friends Electric? is a synth pop classic. Numan/Tubeway Army at their very best. Tried to rock it up a little.
I still listen to Gary Numan even now - still producing very good albums - much heavier and darker than his late 70s early 80s stuff.

Tubeway Army - Are ‘Friends’ Electric? [Cover by The Comfortably Strange] - YouTube

Joan Armatrading - The Weakness In Me [Cover by The Comfortably Strange] - YouTube

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Digger & Katja


Just listened to Are Friends Electric… great stuff.

Loved me some Numan, sounds like I should check out his later works (its been a few decades) like the synths but love the way that dirty guitar gate crashes the party on Electric. Not surprising Katja’s vox rock on this one, having only ever heard the original. Brings a new dimension.

TWIM was a new song for me, as not heavily onto JA. Wow Katja is supreme even with nothing to reference re the OT. Vocals were so so sweet and powerful at the same time.
Got the goose bumps, so the girl’s gone and done it again !! Great song.

Production on both tracks was the usual pro level. Top share Dig !!


Both are very well done. Great job.

Very nice cover! Added guitar works very well I think.

Early Gary Numan very influential for me. I used to play I Die, You Die on my old DX7 Synth.

Makes me wonder if I could come up with an acoustic arrangement?

Hello Katja and Stephen,
:sunglasses: :clap: :clap: :clap:
Beter goed gejat dan slecht verzonnen (do we say)
Better well stolen than badly made up :sunglasses:(although the latter never applies to you either)
Good as always

Professional-level recording!
Love your music, vocals so nice!!!
Thanks for sharing these beauties!!!

Another brace of uncanny covers from the crypt… :sunglasses:
Saw Joan way back in the 80’s but didn’t appreciate her as much as she deserved.
Gorgeous cover.
In a weird way, I was slightly disappointed with the Tubeway tune- not because it wasn’t excellent- it was! I think it just brought back that rare teenage experience when you come across something fascinating that you can’t put your finger on, but moves you intensely. Ah well, you can’t step into the same river twice :laughing:
Cheers for the trip down memory lane and aural pleasure

Can’t say I’m familiar with either of the originals, but I don’t think it matters, they were both great. Professional standards. Are Friends Electric was more to my taste.

Wow! :open_mouth: these are both fantastic :clap: professional level production and a special mention for Katja…absolutely stunningly beautiful vocals :heart_eyes:

Hi Diggs,
Nicely done on both of these. I really enjoyed them and I found Katja really shinned once again on these. Your guitar play on the first and the tones are excellent as well. Keep up the good work and be well you 2.

Thanks all for checking out.

Tom - defo do a cover of I die You die - great song. We Are Glass maybe?

Brian - it’s that whole nostalgia thing where nothing can replace the moment. It’s like watching the multitude of Star Wars spinoffs - nothing matches those first moments of New Hope when you first saw it as a kid. To quote Freddie - “It’s a kind of magic.”
It would be like someone covering Adam & The Ants - nothing can compare with that moment seeing Stand & Deliver, etc., back in the day.

Katja as ever - always the magic dust. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

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Fantastic stuff Stephen and Katja. I thought they were both excellent covers. Never heard either of them covered before so it great to get them from a different perspective.