Are my calluses in the right spot?

I’ve been following Grade 1 for little over a month (right-handed). They were developing more or less at the centers of my fingertips but now they’re kind of shifted to the left, especially on my first finger. Does that mean I should try not to press strings at an angle? that’s difficult because it means I press on the border of the callus so I hit a soft part. It’s making me feel less in control of chords I thought I figured out (like the A chord) and I keep adjusting while practicing. Should I just try to practice through the pain with my fingers as vertical as possible to reverse this or is it not important ? I’m afraid it’s a bad habit sneaking in or something.

Mine are left centre and have been there for over 50 years. No problem.

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Don’t worry about where your calluses are. As you play more, you’ll fret chords in multiple ways, and develop new calluses in new spots.

Just play.


I am with @jkahn. Your callouses will sort themselves out as you learn and adjust. Play a lot and after a bit, maybe 4-6 months as I recall, they cease to be a concern.

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This says it all. Remember that your just starting your journey… And don’t forget, it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon… :slight_smile:


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100% with @jkahn don’t ‘fret’ the calluses. They will go where they are most needed and before long you wont even think about it.

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