Are the beginners book audio CDs - available online? Where?

Hello all

I received the beginners course book with two audio CDs for Christmas!
However I haven’t owned a CD player for yonks! The book says the tracks are available online but I can’t seem to find them
Any ideas?

Potentially on Justin’s Soundcloud (I have to say, I did not check).

Keep in mind that Beginners Course Book teaches you using the classic Beginners Course book while the website uses the most recently updated one (they both teach you how to play the guitar equally as good, it’s just that the new one is updated based on 10 years of feedback Justin received). I cannot find the original beginners course on the new website anymore, however if you go to, you will find the beginners course that matches to your book and the lessons should match the chapters in the book → there should be the audio files present on lessons pages.

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Thanks @glpguitar! I did not know that.

Do not forget that the revised Beginners Course was revised with a reason though. Unless you prefer using the books only, do follow the new one because Justin is a decade more experienced than he was when he designed and filmed the previous edition. He even tested the new version learning how to play left-handed!

Perfect thank you. I do prefer a book, I’m an old fashioned kinda gal. I’ll move onto the online stuff in time. I like to rehash the basics every now and then. I’ve many years of off and on playing so now I’m taking a structured journey!
Thank you for your reply :metal:

I did manage to find the Classic Beginners Course on the new website as well!