Are the prices for merchandise all in dollars

Hi, I’ve looked at the T-shirts that are available thought the site and there are a couple i’d quite like to have. If I order them do they come from the United States, I’m in the UK the prices are all shown in dollars.

Paul, I’m not sure so will ask the JG team. I did notice a country/region selection at the bottom of the page which didn’t seem to change the currency.

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That’s a good point David. It looks like it won’t change currency as every Country is set at US $. Maybe it’s a feature on the new merchandise webpage that is still being ironed out.

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Free revolut account without a payment card (although I do recommend it) will make the problem go away :wink:

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Many thanks David, I have my eye on a couple of things but the cost seems to be in Dollars whichever Country you select

I thought I read somewhere ages ago that the prices are in dollars because the majority of JG website users are based in the US.

I wouldn’t be at all surprised if implementing a feature which tracks exchange rates and converts to other currencies requires subscription to an external service (for Justin, not us). Maybe he hasn’t bothered with it in order to keep expenses down? It’s easy enough to covert yourself via Google.

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Hey guys! Prices are currently in USD - and that’s to make accounting easier, as we’re a small team, and selling in different countries with different currencies might be a complication :frowning:

But I asked Justin about the possibility of making multiple currencies available on our Merch Store, and if possible - we will add that to our backlog.

Thanks for your understanding and for considering supporting the website via the Merch Store!

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That would be great as every time I buy something from the site my CC company charges me a non UK transaction fee, which does put me off actually buying more things from here.

That’s an issue indeed. Adrian mentioned Revolut which a good way around it and I’m using too, it’s convenient as you get quite good currency conversion rates too.
In the UK, nationwide used to have a CC which didn’t charge non sterling transaction fees, perhaps you could check it out too.


The Barclaycard Rewards card is another that doesn’t charge a non sterling transaction fee and the exchange rate is pretty competitive.