Are there fingerstyle lessons beyond Grade 3 and are there any song lessons using fingerstyle?

Hi, I followed the learning path up to this lesson and I like the finger style most. Are there other lessons build on this one?
It would be great to have an actual song with these patterns. Is it common to mix patterns within one song?


Hi Tobe - its worth checking out the song lessons. For example you could try Wonderful Tonight which uses pattern #4.

@kimalaja If you go to the song section on the website and in the filter under Tags check Fingerstyle 43 songs will come up.

@stitch The problem with the song filter is it doesn’t show you all the songs which Justin teaches fingerstyle option. For example Wonderful Tonight and House of the Rising Sun don’t show up.

@Socio but it does give you 43 songs to start with of varying degree of difficulty. I guess we’ll just have to rely on the community for the rest. :thinking: There’s also the option of reporting the missing song to the mods to have them added to the filter.

Thank you so much. I wasn’t aware of those videos. I was using the app and already played “House of Rising Sun” on own behalf, without having watched the video.