Arpeggios (how / why / which / when) video lesson won't play on the site or on youtube - please help

This video lesson won’t play. I keep getting the same error message.

Plays ok for me

Clear your browser cache…

Must be something at my end then. I’ve no idea what though because other lessons play ok!

Thanks Shane, I’ll try that later, gotta pop out now.

I’ve cleared browser history, I’ve tried private browser window but this video still comes up with an error.
I’ve tried a random handful of other video lessons and they are all fine.

Can anyone help (@Richard_close2u )

Quick check it works for me just fine.

Did the “Learn More” link in the error window provide any clues?

No it didn’t.
The advice there is to clear browser history and any add blockers.
I’ve cleared my browser and I don’t have any add blockers.
It has me flummoxed. Others say the video works fine, which suggests something wrong at my end…but at my end, all other vids are fine, which suggests something wrong with this video. Am stuck!

Does it work if you try it directly from YT?

Oh, that’s weird. It’s clearly YT that doesn’t want you to see it. How about if you go to YT and search for " How to Play Arpeggios?"

I’ve tried that but it still doesn’t work. I don’t get an error message on YT though, just a never ending whirlywheel.
A random select of the videos in the feed below all work!

tagging @FannyJustinGuitar @larynejg

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I blame Don Henley.

Where are you located? It could be a regional block in which case you could use a VPN.

Have you tried on multiple devices? PC, phone, tablet? If all of them give the error then it is WiFi/internet. In which case ty turning off WiFi on your phone and try over cellular.

Thanks Craig.
I don’t have any other devices - just my phone.
This video won’t run on either Wi-Fi or 4G. It just seems to be this particular video, all others are fine, which makes me wonder if there are some different settings on it.
Maybe the JG team will find something.