Arrived Today

Just received a wireless pod go.

Such a simple set up assuming I’ve done it right but I’m getting noise out of my monitors so all good so far.

Updated the firmware successfully now just have to work out how to download Pod go edit software, off googling.

Hopefully my new guitar will arrive Monday.


Ooooh have fun Greg, I went for the non-wireless version and must admit, it runs on smiles a minute ! Some good starter presets that may need the odd tweak and some reasonable 3rd party presets on the Line6 website and very easy to install. I’ve also picked up a few bundles, when their sales are on. Enjoy !


Cheers Toby, a steep learning curve I’m sure but I have it connected up and working so thats a start and I managed to find pod go edit and get that working, I already have a G10T and love hence why i went wireless on the pod go, for an extra 20 Quid it was a no brainer.

Am i best just connecting the main mono output to my Scarlett 2i2? generally i just play to my monitors on the Scarlett output.

That should work fine. I take both line outs to either of my AIs as they both have multiple inputs, 12 and 18 respectively so plenty of spare capacity. Going mono in the Scarlett will give you the option of plumbing in a mic, for when you want to start singing. :wink:

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Thats good to hear as I now have the pod go, mustang micro and G10T going through a 3 way switch then out to channel 1 of the Scarlett.

I started with it on the desk but the software is much easier to navigate so I’ll move to the floor later. Pretty impressive how easy it is to set everything up from the PC.