Artisan Bread bakers

Anyone else baking authentic sourdough breads here ?
You know the flavorful original bread before dry
yeast was invented ?
It seemed to make a comeback in the last couple years due to
market fluctuations brought on by the virus, dry yeast and flour shortages
at times.
Fortunately I have been at it for 13 yrs now and was able to supply sourdough starter to family and friends during times of shortages. They in turn passed some along to other family and friends.
Just curious if any of you musical artists are also bread artists.
I’ve recently upgraded to baking sourdough bread in a cast iron enameled dutch oven and am liking the results. Round loaves instead of rectangular.
Tastes the same but more crustiness with the Boule style loaf.
My original 2009 starter came in the mail dry originating from Alaska and was said to be the same strain that Richard Proenneke used. He was a legendary outback Alaska bushman for 30-40 yrs.
With that said, its well worth the effort if you haven’t already got the bug.
Rock and bake on.

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At the backend of the noughties I did try and do some a starter, are I bake homemade bread every week. It kept dying on me though. I tried about 4 times and I wasn’t sure what I was doing wrong.

I might have to give another one a try now that I buy different flour than what I did back them.

I buy your loaf is very yummy done in a Dutch oven. Nice!

Like learning to play guitar, sourdough baking and maintaining the starter
has a learning curve to it. Many fail at both.
I struggled at first too. You can make your own starter with just 3 ingredients:
unbleached flour, pure water (untreated) and time.
I accidentally killed mine once so started my own, takes about 5-7 days
to get it where its ripe enough to bake with.
Plenty of how to instructions online.
Hope this topic isn’t too far off course from the music side ?

Good to hear there are bread bakers here!

I use homegrown Einkorn starter I have had for 5 years now. We use a home grinder and fresh grind organic Einkorn, slow rise over night and knead lightly and bake in a clay pot. Uncovering for the last 15 min. Round and rustic.

I have an almost 12 yo, so I am going to try sifting the bran out to make it better for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches…:roll_eyes:

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Interesting , had to look up Einkorn, looks like the real deal original flour.
Got the King Arthur run of the mill all purpose and bread flour
going here, price is right.
There is a grist mill in the next town over which I’ve hit up
for some specialty flour like Red Fife on occasion. They do have some Eikhorn which I’ll have to try in the future.

The Einkorn has better nutritional value. But is is a bit more expensive. Loafs are denser as well, especially with fresh ground.

If you do try grinding fresh, you need to adjust the water percentage. There is more moisture in the grain.

I’ve been baking Irish brown soda bread for over 20 years now. (I bring it to the missus every day for her breakfast in bed.) A couple of years ago I even made a musical recipe video about it.

What was I thinking? :roll_eyes:

The missus has been making sourdough (Alaskan starter) for a couple of years now, but only on Sat & Sun. It’s been a while since we’ve had a snooze in as one of us has to get up early to bake. Sigh…


Those look delicious! And the song was great, got a tab for that?

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I make mainly Wholemeal / White mix or occasionally Spelt sourdough, I’ve had lots of problems keeping a starter so for when things go wrong I use my go to, it’s an Australian strain from Am@£on and can also be obtained direct from Mad Millie’s. It’s a very vigorous strain and doesn’t seem to take as long to prove as some do.
I’ve not tried baking it in a pot yet but do have a decent size cast iron one that I’m going to try. We really don’t like eating bread that is commercially produced, even the Sourdough doesn’t taste as good (we have investigated who makes it properly as some cheat and use a mix of commercial yeast and sourdough just to speed things up!).
It’s a great hobby that really anyone can do to eat vastly superior quality bread!

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Cheers, Joshua. I never learned TAB, but I had a look and indeed have the chords :smiley:
Very simple
Am G F E (x3)
Am G F E Am
ad nauseum… :rofl:

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Like the bread with custom song brian. Ha! Yes the store brand sourdough breads use dry yeast to quicken the process. My breads typically take 24hrs from start to finish. The longer fermentation gives it that flavor that makes it special. The dough sits in the fridge overnight.

Not heard that one before Brian, must have a go at it……………
The Bread not the Song, you’re too hard an act to follow :blush::+1::+1::+1:

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I live in France I let the pros do the baking and play guitar (that’s me not the pro bakers !).

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If I lived in France I would do the same. But I live in the USA, where bread makes us Wonder.

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Great stuff. We are big fans of artisan sourdough. Traveling around Australia for the next couple of years in our RV caravan and when we get done traveling and have a proper oven again, will be taking on the task of perfecting sourdough. I’ve baked bread at different times over the years and quite successfully but never tried to make sourdough before.


You should look up Mad Millie’s, they do a great range of fermentation products including a very good sourdough culture.
I use their culture for my sourdough, I get it here in the UK from Am@£on.


Probably the same craziness as you usually do… :see_no_evil: :joy:

But I really enjoyed watching it, and I could laugh about it too…it is that I make my own bread/cake 2x a week, otherwise I would certainly have tried it

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Brian made me do it, look up songs about bread.

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Maybe we need a guitar challenge. Learn Brian’s bread song and apply to a video of you making bread!

I don’t really have the technical savvy to do that yet, but it would be fun!

I am an advocate of making your own sourdough starter. It is easy and you can use the blackout you will use to bake with as well as the local and natural yeast and bacteria.

All you need is some time and patience, a little attention. Plenty of instruction on the internets, but it is more straight forward than even that.

Ha ha, good luck with the challenge…I’ll only take a look, I just posted a video where I can’t be seen in mirror image, that was a nice challenge for me this month,… :upside_down_face:

But the idea is good, 2 of my favorite things combined…good food and music :grin: :sunglasses: