"As Tears Go By" by Marianne Faithfull

The artist of the song “As Tears Go By” in the app is listed as Marianne Faithfull. However, the song is clearly the Rolling Stones version. :wink:

Is there a vocal track on the version on the app, Ross?

Yep, no midi here. It’s one of the full songs. Singer does a decent job too, though doesn’t sound particularly like Mick.

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I’ll drop the team a note, Ross.

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@Goffik @DavidP

Hi guys, thanks for getting in touch and for bringing this to our attention.

The credit for this song is a little strange because although the song was written by The Rolling Stones it is actually credited to Marianne Faithful because she recorded it and released it before the Stones did. The Stones did record their own version of it later but it is difficult to place a single artist as the credit for it.

We could possibly add Marianne Faithful/The Rolling Stones, or vice-versa, as the credit to avoid confusion going forward.

How does this sound to you, or do you believe that more app users would know it as a Rolling Stones record over Marianne Faithful? Please let us know and we can make some adjustments :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback, much appreciated. I am no expert when it comes to the ins and outs of crediting and the laws that govern it.

I know the story of the writing of the song, the connection with Marianne Faithful that led to her recording it. It would be funny to see a song written by Jagger and Richards credited to Marianne Faithful on a Rolling Stones record :laughing:

That aside, I think your suggestion to list Marianne Faithful as well as either The Rolling Stones or Jagger/Richards, makes sense.

As for what app users would know, I’d be surprised if the song was well known, given that Marianne Faithful is probably not such a well known artist in her own right and As Tears Go By probably not one of the well known Stones songs.

If the artist is used as a search criteria then I’d expect more app users to be searching for songs by The Rolling Stones than Marianne Faithful.

My 2cs worth. Thanks again for the feedback.


As one of the older brigade, I well remember with some affection the late 60’s

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I can only imagine, Michael, being born in '65. But perhaps somehow being born in '65 led to my preference being for so much of the music from the 60s and 70s, even if I started to listen seriously in the 80s :grin:

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I’m not sure that this is relevant. The version you have in the app is unequivocally the Rolling Stones version. The guitar part, the backing music, the singer’s style… all Rolling Stones. Anyone who finds the song in the app and expects the Marianne Faithful version is going to be pretty disappointed… her version sounds completely different.

So to me it makes far more sense to credit the artist who’s version of a song you are using, rather than the person who released the very first version of it.


David @DavidP

Sorry off on a bit of a tangent, born in 53, the music of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and early 90’s is very much what I listen to. My first real interest in music was when my mother, who was musical, saying when she first heard the first Beatles first single in 62, Love Me Do in words to the effect “you need to listen to this group they are going to be big” how right she was!

Michael :+1:

I agree with Ross. I would expect that in general (so not only for this song), the artist is mentioned whose version you are using in the app.
With regard to this song: I know the Stones song, but I would not have recognized it under Marianne Faithful.

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I understand that this has been updated. I’m not an App user so can’t confirm that.

@MAT1953 Such a tempting digression Michael, I could go as far as to say ‘get behind me Satan’ :laughing:. My parents also introduced me to the Beatles when I was around the age of 9. They were both born around 1930 and more into jazz. The Beatles was perhaps the only such pop music in their record collection. Later I had to introduce them to Queen, Deep Purple, and eventually the Stones, plus others.

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It’s still Marianne Faithful at the moment. If it’s been changed then I’m guessing it will take effect with the next app update.

Edit: Just had an update. Bunch of new songs, but no artist update on this one. Next update perhaps, given this patch was probably already finalised.

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