As Tears Go By (capo experiment)


Not at all, Claudia. I happen to like the technical aspects of sound engineering, using the appropriate hardware and applications to produce original songs with various instruments and layers, or making single take play and sing recordings in my home studio, with what I have as well as sometimes just the most simple approach ie my mobile phone.

Your recordings sound great and no need to do any more. So ignore my technical rambles. One day if you have the urge to do a little more then there’ll be plenty of folk to assist in the learning.

@Digger72 Thanks for that, Digger, much appreciated and glad you enjoyed it. I have always enjoyed the song, goes to show you don’t have to be too fancy to produce a pop tune that has enduring quality.

@brianlarsen I thought you might be, Brian. I have an idea bubbling and may well try something else next weekend … we’ll see. As for know twiddling, I can’t help myself. As I said to Claudia in this reply. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the engineering/production side of music on the PC. Now when the GAS bubble bursts, perhaps I’ll build a starter pedal board and become more of a knob-twister to shape tone as well … oh to have the time and money to pursue all the tempting paths.

@adi_mrok Thanks Adrian. I think this came out well, so happy with the overall setup (other than wishing it had been a little louder). I am set to conduct some more experiments, which if positive, will share in due course, that I think may make fine tuning settings as may be required if strumming rather than finger-picking. As for finger-picking, I think my approach to this song and a number of others is to use a super simple pattern. Helps me play reasonably clean and steady. One day I’d love to do fancier patterns, percussive hits etc but it is not this day :grin:

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Absolutely beautiful David, prefer this version…vocals are really getting better all the time.

Thanks Sandy. No doubt, much better for the key change. Happy to hear my vocals are improving.

I didn’t get a chance to hear your previous version, but this “experiment” came out great. Nice playing and vocals to match, awesome job.

David, that was a great performance!
This key suits you very well, don’t doubt it.
And volume balance between vocals and guitar is absolutely right. By the way, it was played brilliantly!

@Dro_1 @crocodile1

Sandro/Leo, thanks for the listen and such positive, encouraging feedback. Much appreciated.

Ahhhhh David, that was superb. I thought your voice sounded great, the capo obviously is working for you.

Yes, it’s hard work when you get used to singing a song and then you introduce/move the capo. It does take a while to readjust. :smiley:

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@SgtColon Thanks Stefan, a master of hyperbole ‘superb’ :grin: Glad you enjoyed it.

That was really really lovely, David. I think that this key definitely suits your voice.

I just sat back and enjoyed that thoroughly.

@Mari63 Thanks Mari, ‘lovely’ is lovely. A useful lesson and reminder to be mindful of key, to address any struggles at the lowest or highest end of a song’s melody

@MiJoy Thanks Mike, glad you enjoyed it and appreciate the feedback.

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Second listen as I type. David, you have really made good progress in your playing and singing. This sounded very good.
When are you going to quit your day job???
With that mug shot on the video I was thinking Werewolfs of London :joy:

Dave, good to hear from you again, happy to see you taking in some recordings after a while. The business of life I guess.

Thanks, appreciate the feedback. Goodness, it has taken me a while, but eventually I think things are starting to sound decent by a reasonable yardstick.

Quit the day job … the time at which mandatory retirement is imposed on one by the Bank is sneaking up on me now. Then a second ‘career’ will be needed, though still far from that being a pro musician :laughing: no illusions or delusions.

:rofl: need to change my glasses, get round frames to channel a Zevon look.

That was spot on! As the others have said, the picking was on point, and the use of the capo gave you way more fullness in the vocal when you hit the lowest note.

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@iainism Thanks Iain. Amplified how important finding the right key for a song is.

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