As Tears Go By (capo experiment)

Here’s another crack at As Tears Go By. I performed this at Community OM9 and it was suggested by a few people that I try a capo to sing it in a higher key. The intention being to raise the pitch of the lowest note.

You can be the judge. All I can say is that I need more practice playing with the capo on, it changes the feel, and felt quite uncertain as to whether I was in tune in the higher key…more uncertain than usual I should say :rofl:)

I also tinkered with the mix in OBS, playing with guitar-vocal balance. I received comments after the most recent experiment at OBS setup that the vocal was a little loud.

In conducting this experiment I notice that the overall volume is down in YT. Need a better way to get that right than upload into YT, check it and then re-render if too soft/loud. :thinking: Maybe load the video into Reaper, check the loudness, adjust on the Reaper master, and then re-render the video from Reaper … something to try out. Still even if it works I’d like a way to soundcheck live in OBS and get it right without extra post-recording fettling.

Let me know what you think ( :face_with_raised_eyebrow: that’s quite a face in the thumbnail :laughing:) …


The man doth protest too much !

Anyway, your vocals are sorted much better in that key. Playing was fine, its all in your mind but yes getting used to the capo can be a pita but the boy done good. I’ll come back on the YT levels but twas cool essay !!


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Sounded good to me! As usual, the performer’s uncertainty and lack of confidence is imperceptible to the listener.

A little tip that helped me, from a choir master - “strong and wrong”

If you are unsure about a note - double down on what you think it is, instead of being tentative. Really belt it out - loud!

If it’s wrong, your ears will usually tell you. If it’s right, you can go forward with confidence.


DAVID DAVID DAVID… :clap: :clap: :clap:

What a wonderful surprise :sunglasses:,…I thought I’d click on a topic and then turn off the computer…Great end to the day :clap: :sunglasses:…never take off that capo or keepo again… .lovely fingerstyle too by the way…

Like you just saw a man with a pink wig on close by…

Thanks and greetings… :man_bowing: :bouquet:

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Ditch the capo and play in open C them. Capo 5 G is the same open C. Just transpose everthing into the key of C

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That was quite nice David, I personally think that a male voice sounds better with the guitar with a capo on, it creates a nice balance to me!

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Wow, that was gorgeous. I love the sound of the guitar - so mellow. And your playing is 100% flawless. How?!? It’s a great song and your vocals really do it justice. Lots of feeling. Thanks.

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Sounded good. DId you retune when you put the capo on? The capo presses hard on the strings and the extra tension can knock you out of tune. Retune once the capo is in position. Maybe moving the capo back toward the head and more of an angle will give you a bit more room for your hand. I never really thought about it much since I don’t use a capo alot. When i do use one i feels a bit weird to me as well.

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David, I thought that was terrific. Super vocal, you sounded very comfortable in that key.

I know I’m always a bit tongue in cheek when I talk about my lo-tech approach but I want to quote some of your post.
Tinkered with the mix in OBS. Volume down in YT. Re-render if too loud. Maybe load into Reaper. Adjust the Reaper master. Sound check live in OBS. Re-render the video from Reaper. Sound check live in OBS.

Ffs David. (sorry mods) It was great. Terrific. Super. I know I’m the lowest tech on the forum, but trust me, leave it alone. The only thing wrong with it was you cut it short. Marianne would love it.

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The thumbnail set me up for some in ya face screaming, then to my surprise, dulcet tones greeted me. It’s a yes from me David. You sound more comfortable, the textures of your voice are pleasing to my ear, your pitch is steady. Nice work.

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Tremendous rendition David. Lovely fingerstyle playing, and the key seemed to perfectly match your voice. The whole song had that flowing musicality to it that was very pleasing to listen to. Thought the sound levels were fine too.

Cheers, Shane

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Very nice David,
Guitar work was tight and your vocals good.
My only suggestion is you push yourself a bit more with the vocals.
You sing well, nicely in tune. You just need to go for it a bit more.
I really enjoyed it.

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That was absolutely fabulous David. Fantastic vocals and playing. It sounded great to my ears. Hey you even got @sairfingers talking tech.

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Hi David,
I think for my ears, you capo was a success. I could not hear any sour notes and it sounded pretty good. Nice play and good vox make for a good play!

You are are down almost -12dB in SFN on YouTube. Can’t you run an LUFS meter in OBS via the ASIO add on? To me that would seem the most direct way to be on top of this one.

All the best,

See what happens David. Everyone starts talking Clingon!:smiley:

Thanks to all for taking a listen and the encouraging comments.

And it is pretty unanimous, this is a better key for me and I should be mindful in future not to go so low.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Maybe I do, Toby, though just an honest reflection of how I feel/felt. Maybe this is just about more hours needed, to build confidence through more and more singing, singing with better phrasing, dynamics, and pitching. YT levels not a biggie, but you understand where I am coming from :grin:

@Tbushell Love ‘strong and wrong’ Tom, certainly a fine maxim to live out. It’s a bit weird but I am not yet well-enough developed in ear-training to easily hear if my pitch is good. The singing is done in a more intuitive way. I suppose that is a good thing in a way but am also seeing slow improvement in my hearing, which I think is coming from bending practice.

@roger_holland Glad you enjoyed it, Roger.

@stitch Of course, I can transpose and play open chords, why didn’t I think of that. Thanks for the reminder, Rick. Could be fun to double-track playing open in key of C and the chords I played with the capo on. I think the latter would be in G with the A borrowed or just not diatonic?

@DarrellW Thanks Darrell. I agree, also thought the capo served the song well in this case, created interesting contrast as you said.

@saturno Thanks for such complimentary feedback, Claudia. I love the tone of my guitar heard acoustically. I think the rosewood back and sides give it wonderful warmth. Always struggled when recording direct, and am now getting good results with the TC Helicon Play Acoustic pedal and my recording setup in OBS. As for flawless, I think more the flaws were not observable and I kept playing, which is perhaps more my goal than striving for flawless.

@pc429guitar Yes, Philip, I had to retune. I try and get the capo as close to the preceding fret as possible without vibration. I think in this case there was a slight angle, which is a good idea to be more specific about next time.

@sairfingers Thanks Gordon, I’ll take a ‘terrific’. I certainly wasn’t too fussed over the end result loudness wise. But it is one of those weird little quests … how to make the recording as good as possible without any post-processing and hit the target loudness in YT. Certainly not essential. I actually think I may have cracked the process now, but won’t elaborate just yet. Maybe next weekend’s write up :grin:

@batwoman :rofl: maybe one day I’ll deliver some in-your-face screaming, Maggie. I think this was timed for the highest note in the song. Appreciate feedback on textures and pitch … my holy grail :grin:

@sclay Thanks Shane, so glad you enjoyed it and will celebrate ‘musicality’

@RonG Thanks Ron. Singing in tune has been a while coming, and am slowly building confidence to be more ‘loud and proud’.

@Socio Appreciate the generous feedback, James. I find ‘fantastic’ hard to own about my performances, but will accept it with gratitude.

@LBro Glad you enjoyed it, LBro. One of the limitations of OBS, at least as far as I can tell, is that it does not have a Master track in its built-in mixer. So now way I can figure to put a meter on the output. But this morning I have been experimenting and may have some solutions to share in future for those interested. Results so far just doing some simple talking into a headset are promising.


I have no idea what you’re talking about on the technical recording side of your answer to me!! Do I need to educate myself?

Hi David,

Great stuff.
Brilliant song very well performed.
The guitar sounds wonderful - gives the track a sort of lullaby feel.

Really enjoyed it.


Good stuff David :smiley:
As one of the ‘capo-callers’, I was pleased to see you give this a go.
It’s always worth trying the capo first to see which key suits your range, before you go to the trouble of transcribing, or as Stitch says:

I’m glad @sairfingers dealt with the fine-tuning knobs business, as it reminds me a smidgen of Maggies popping thead :laughing:

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Sounded great to me David, I would keep the setup as it is no need to play around more it is really spot on! Thumbs up for a fingerpicking song :wink: