As Tears Go By - Stones (cover)

Been quite a while since I’ve been here. Put down the guitar and picked up the fishing rod for most of the summer and early fall.
Decided to pick the guitar up again with this beautiful classic. It is one of the very first songs Mick and Keith wrote together.

As always feedback very welcome.
Again, audio only. My video talents are weak. I have a face for audio.

redid after some feedback.


I play this one as well but not finger style just strumming

For whatever reason, I can’t see the track. Seems the link is broken or it’s been taken down?

Link broke, doesn’t go to your track.

was able to restore - again apologies

Good to hear from you again, Mike. I hope the fishing was good.

Finger-picking sounded quite clean and smooth. Not showing much sign of rust.

If you are also interested in the singing then I’d suggest you keep working on the playing and singing to allow the phrasing of the vocal to flow more smoothly, maybe record the guitar without vocal and practice singing over your playing for a bit and then bring the two together again.

Recording ended rather abruptly, which is a minor detail.

Enjoy the guitar and music.

Fishing was good. Saltwater. I’m fortunate to live in a great area for boating/fishing.

Much appreciate the listen and the feedback.

In my confusion I realized I uploaded a copy of this song that I did not intend to upload. It was an early practice version. Was even the wrong guitar. So I changed it. This one I attempted to put a little more feeling into, which might address the phrasing you commented on, at least a bit. Thanks again for the listen.

One comment on the song. Says it all. Is it the vocals, or the guitar or perhaps both?

Back to fishing I suppose. I won’t be back here.

Don’t be so haste my friend. It’s just like fishing, you’ve cast the bait out and just have to wait patiently for the bite. I’m not really much of a Stones fan but know that @DavidP is a big fan, so not surprised that he took the bait so quickly. So top marks for hooking the biggest fish in the community pond. I’m not really one for listening to covers on audio only as I like to see the guitar playing.

You can do it Mike. If you watch my early videos I was headless. You just need to position the recording device to record both hands playing the guitar. I have faith you can do it and to be honest you will reap lots of benefits from it. Not just engaging more views but from being able to visually analyse your own performance.

Now back to the recording posted. As David says the fingerpicking sounded clean and flowed. Without visual I cannot comment on technique. I can’t comment on vocal phrasing as I don’t really know the song but I will say just have confidence in your singing.

Now that your back to the guitar I would make the suggestion to spend some time getting to know our new community members engaging in threads.

I do hope that last remark was made loosely and you will be back but if not thank you for posting the recording of flowers on the Wall as I enjoyed that very much.


Thank you for posting this cover. I’ve a gaps in my knowledge of the Stones and managed to miss this one. You gave a nice rendition and I enjoyed hearing your finger picking. Sounds like it would be a fun one to give a try at playing.

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I think this was a better vocal performance, Mike, the guitar sounded better tone wise, and ended more smoothly. So all round an improved recording.

I know we have discussed this before. I can empathise with all the thoughts and feelings that come with posting recordings.

It is not simple to make sense of all the factors that influence the responses to a post in AVOYP. The Community is busy, people come and go and levels of engagement vary, song choices, volume of recordings posted in a given window, familiarity and relationship to the poster. I think all these and probably more can influence.

What I would say, is that I don’t think the quality of the recording, be it the sound quality or the ability of the person as a player or singer, as much to do with it. I think a hallmark of this Community is how supportive and encouraging people are of people learning.

It may be that some folk tend to only watch on YouTube, wanting to see as well as hear. When I started, if I recall correctly, mostly AVOYP was audio-only. But over the years I think it has become the norm to post videos. As I recall you’ve posted a couple of videos in the past, and I don’t recall there being an issue as a watcher. That of course says nothing about how self-conscious one may be. I do recall personally that the switch from audio-only to video gave me more than a few cringy moments.

I hope not. At the end of the day, our adventures with guitar and singing is a personal experience, only supported by the Community. Maybe approach the Community without too much expectation, share and accept the replies regardless of volume, engage with others in a way that works for you. And irrespective, if guitar brings you any sense of joy, then keep playing, keep fishing.

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Hi Mijoy,

Always loved this song. Great melancholy in it.
Think you’ve done a very good job capturing the playing and vibe of the song.


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I really enjoyed that Mike. Nicely done on the fingerpicking.

That made me chuckle.

Tight lines. :+1:

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Nice work Mike. I came for a listen a few days ago and the link didn’t work. Glad I came back. I enjoyed your playing a lot and there is definitely nothing wrong with your vocals. Great job and keep it going!

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