Asking for drummer effect box - recommendation

Dear all,

I would like to ask you for drummer effect box for electric guitar Fender and Boss Katana MK2 50.
I am looking for some box that can play lot of rhytms slow and fasters so it can inspire me while I am playing guitar. It looks like this. Can you recommend me some good buy? I am not looking for expensive one, I just want something that will do the job but wont be… bad.
I am sorry if I did not place this question to correct place.
My friend borrowed me this box and thats what I am looking for but its pretty expensive, because it can do lot of things:

Hi Michal,
If it really shouldn’t cost much, why just not buy anything and look up drum rhythms on YouTube?

But if you still want such a box maybe mention what it may cost because I don’t think the Trio + is expensive, but I know other people think differently about that…

Good luck and have fun with searching


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Hello Roger,

I would like to find something in range 50-100 dollars, if its possible. In my own opinion and value of instruments more expensive does not make sence. Or you can tell me some brands so I can see their products and check them on YouTube?
Or… is it possible to connect Katana MK2 to PC and play drums from it via some app?

Ha ha, you are now asking things from the man who knows the least about tech stuff and pedals (I thought YouTube was a good idea, other than that I only know the drum buddy with whom Paul Davids does an Autum Leaves, but that is also much more expensive)… I have such a trio + but I have never made a verse and a chorus with it at the same time :grimacing:… but don’t worry, there are more than enough people here who can help you with this soon enough, I think ,otherwise we’ll just call on Keith or DavidP for help or so :smiley:

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Perhaps a looper-drum groove combo may be a good option, especially if you don’t already have a looper. Something like this:

Another option is an app on a phone and plugging that into the BK50 Aux input.


Hello David,

this drumm box looks pretty good to me. I am gonna check it on YouTube. Also I really like your idea with connecting phone to AMP… I think that would save lot of money.
Thank you so much. :slight_smile:

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I agree with the guys above.
If you just want a drum beat, just get an app or YouTube video and run it into your amp’s aux port.

Save the money you would have spent, but do not to buy the Digitec you borrowed, but its bigger brother the Trio+. You’re right, it is expensive (better buy 2nd hand on ebay), but the creative possibilities are much greater when your skills improve. :grinning:


I’m lining up with @brianlarsen here with the Trio+, it’s well worth the investment and you’ll open up so much potential with it.

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Thanks @brianlarsen and @Notter. I am gonna check how to connect it to phone and play some drums. I am hard stucked beginner that know 9 chords (I guess I am super noobie when I count them) and know few strumming patterns… cant even play with metronome… but this borrowed Trio… I felt so relaxed. :slight_smile: But I am not able to use its potential and I guess wont be able to long time… thanks for help. :slight_smile:

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I’m with everyone else….youtube is the best cost saving option. no need to buy anything.

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