Asking for help - chords and strumming pattern

Hello, I did not finish my 1st grade yet, but I would love to strum this by fireplace and get drown in my mind.
Can you please tell me chords and strumming pattern? Video sounds looks to me it does not fit. I cant see and recognise it. Many thanks to anyone. Gonna delete this video after finding out from YouTube because of author rights. I asked him in under video but no reply. No one to this.

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Hi Michal,

this seems to be Wonderwall, by Oasis.
Chords and (correct) strumming pattern to be found here:

Hope this helps.

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Thank you very much. Did not expect its some song. I thought its random fantasy. :slight_smile:

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Its grade 3. This is gonna be really hard one for me. Lets do this. ^^

Yes, it requires chords that are covered in module 8. And the original strumming pattern is quite complex. I would wait until you have started module 8, and then use an easier pattern. You can always get back to the song at a later stage of your journey.
Have fun :blush:

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@franzek is quite right, it’s Wonderwall. You may not have got to the lesson yet, but Justin recommends that you have three types of songs that you practice, ‘campfire’, ‘developers’ and ‘dreamers’. I think you have just found one for your ‘dreamers’ category!


Hey there,

I would like to share with you my first half of strumming. I think I can go on, because I can play it steady and without looking. What do you think? Yesterday I tried second half and its a little bit messy for me now, but I am pretty sure I can handle it pretty soon. :slight_smile: