At long last, my journey has begin! Hi from Rebecca

Greetings from northeastern PA! I began my guitar journey last Thursday after years of wanting to but putting it off. Finding Justin and his hugely accessible lessons was the inspiration to get going.

As a small woman, dreadnought acoustic guitars have always been super intimidating, so I got myself a cute little travel guitar (Yamaha APXT) that feels really comfortable to hold and play.

So far, I’m really early into the Beginner courses and only know A & D chords, but “played” along with some of the starter songs yesterday, working on different strumming patterns and such, and genuinely felt excited. I still screw up every fifth or sixth chord change, but sometimes my fingers do the right thing and I make a sound akin to music! I find myself absently making chord shapes with my fingers while sitting at my desk at work or while driving. Enjoying the journey, so far, and am looking forward to where this whole thing will take me!


Welcome Rebecca!!!
Glad you finally got to start up on your journey :grin:
Just follow the path you have started on in your own pace and you will Have a life changeing journey.

And yeah. Dreads are beasts even i witch is a pretty big guy can find them a bit beefy from time to time.

Think you dis a smart choice going for something smaller…

Wish you all the best :grin:

You’re on the right track!

Welcome to the Community and thanks for sharing your take-off!
it’s all WOOOSSHHH from here on! :wink:

Welcome Rebecca!

I’m from Philadelphia my self.

I’m also rather small so I went with a concert sized fender acoustic. Keep at it and you’ll see really rapid progress. Justin’s course is really well laid it out all you have to do is follow it :slight_smile: Good luck on your journey!

Awesome. Keep at it, it just gets better and better.

Welcome. It’s a fun journey, progress seems slow until one day you look back and realise all the progress you’ve made. Enjoy it.

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Congratulations Rebecca and welcome! Terrific you’ve got a guitar that fits you and it sounds like you’re making great progress already. Being able to play proper songs so early is, for me, the biggest inspiration from Justin’s course, it doesn’t matter if the odd chord is off, that’s just practice. The feeling you take when you’re playing a proper song cannot be beaten.

Love the comment about making chord shape randomly during normal life, I certainly do the same and I’m sure I get the occasional odd look from people, or maybe they’re admiring my “perfect” barre chord form :wink:

Looking forward to hearing more from you :slight_smile:

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Hi Becca:

Welcome to the Justin Guitar community. Take each day one at a time and you will get there. The most important thing to learn is practice makes permanent to quote Justin. I suggest to work on timing and basic strumming before getting too far into the course. The lessons will be there and there is no race to the finish line. I ended up backtracking after being too eager to race forward and conquer the whole course. We all learn at our own pace. The key is to keep at it and play your best each time. Try recording yourself and see your own progress as the weeks and months pass. With the Justin Guitar method, I have taken leaps in bounds in progress. You can do it too. Looking forward to hearing you play sometime and to your success.

Take Care

Jeff from CA

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Hello Rebecca and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Exciting times ahead. Enjoy your journey.

Hi Rebecca and a very warm welcome to the community. You are now doing, not procrastinating, and you’ve come to the right place to do. Justin’s lessons are going to guide you as you need. And there’s many good folk in here to support and encourage too. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Community, Rebecca. Follow the courses, slow and steady, and you’ll make progress and be making music beyond your imagination in due course.

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Hi Rebecca and welcome to the community. Playing along with your first song is such a special moment in time and it just gets better and better as you progress.

Welcome Rebecca !!

And don’t it fell great. Your in the right place, with the right teacher and bundles of support from the friendly folk here, who have all trodden the path you have started. Good luck on your journey and don’t forget its ok to ask for directions now and then. :wink:



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Hi Rebecca,
Welcome and i wish you all the fun of the world… :sunglasses:

Welcome Rebecca. Just follow the course and you will have lots of fun

Thanks for the warm welcome!

Things are going really great. Right now, fumbling my way through those A-D-E transitions, but I’m having so much fun. My finger calluses are rounding into shape nicely. Practice about 20-30 mins a day and haven’t had much pain anymore. I really look forward to practicing.

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Hi Becca, welcome. It is easier to keep going when just the exercises are fun enough. Besides what you may accomplish in the future, if you “played” along now and it sounded good then you played along without quotation marks.

Awesome Becca, really sounds like you’ve caught the bug, and enthusiasm for practicing is more than half the battle!

Fun is all that matters so all power and good vibes to you :slight_smile: