At which stage I should buy an electric guitar? (I'm learning from acoustic guitar now)

Going to go against the crowd on this one. Just my opinion but I think its better to learn the basics on accoustic. The first 11 modules are mostly suited to accoustic. Module 12 is when you would get great value out of an electric.


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Consider the poor guitar makers and music shops struggling to get by with all those kids to feed etc

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Here’s a quick and easy way of working out if you need another guitar:

Let n=number of guitars you already have
Let x=number of guitars you need


Obviously, this requires recalculation when a new guitar is acquired!

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I’d have to disagree with @MorseMooseGreyGoose as that actually goes against Justin’s recommendation to start on electric, as it is easier to learn on. When I was doing the old Beginners Course I learnt everything on electric but then consolidated on acoustic. Using the electric made it easier to apply new techniques, consolidating on the acoustic ensure I had everything nailed.

That approach gave me both confidence in going forward and confirmation that I was doing it right.

Anytime is time for a new guitar.



Best starter guitar (acoustic or electric): whichever one most tickles your fancy and make you want to pick it up and play it.

Best time to get an electric (if you’ve started on acoustic): as soon as you want one.

Best time to get an acoustic (if you’ve started on electric): as soon as you want one.