At which stage I should buy an electric guitar? (I'm learning from acoustic guitar now)

I have an acoustic guitar now. I’m learning open chords and playing rhythm. My primary goal is to play fingerstyle for which I will buy good acoustic guitar when I’m ready. But I also want to learn electric guitar and rock style. If I’m following Justin Guitar course, at what stage/module buying electric guitar is appropriate?


I started with electric, didn’t get an acoustic for a couple of years. I don’t think there’s any particular “right” time. If the type of music you are interested in playing works best with an electric, the time is whenever you want one.


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That time is now.

Remember, you also need an amp, cables, picks, etc.




The only word of caution that I’d offer is that your practice time could end up very diluted if you’re trying to learn all those things at once and then maybe you don’t get good at any of them. I’m not saying don’t buy one, just have a plan how you want to proceed.

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Hello Andy and welcome to the community.

Some people learn on an electric from the very first, some on acoustic.
Open chords and rhythm suggests you’re in the Beginner course. The first time that you will encounter a lesson that definitely leans more towards electric guitar rather than being good on both is Grade 2 Module 12 Rock Power Chords. Beyond that, there are some lessons better suited to one over the other but all can be learned on acoustic or electric. There are a few lessons in Grade 3 matching this split. Only in the intermediate lessons after will you find series of lessons that are definitely better suited to electric.

The answer is you can learn on just one type or both and all is good. They will feel different in your hands and getting that familiarity will help you when you do encounter the electric specific lessons.

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First, welcome to the community, good place to be!
Anytime you like basically, but make sure that you allocate time in your practice routine for both.When you play both it’s much easier if you play both on the same day or alternate days, it’s helpful to get you acquainted with both and get used to swapping as and when necessary.
When you get to the stage where you’re ready to buy ask questions on here for advice on choice of instrument and amplifier, it will save you money and time to have the right choices! Remember no such thing as a stupid question, any queries will get answered!
Good luck!


Hi Anjuthan,
Welcome here and I wish you a lot of fun here :sunglasses:… And let’s be honest with each other :face_with_raised_eyebrow:, asking the question means the seed has been planted :smirk:…so I wish you a lot of fun picking out your new guitar :grin:… .ask questions in time because there is a lot of choice (no really a lot :see_no_evil:), there is a lot to find here on the site, but when it comes to choosing a guitar, amplifier and associated stuff, there are also many community people who are happy to help you find the right stuff for your wishes :sunglasses:
I hope to hear from you and your guitar(S)


When should you buy an electric guitar? Choose one of the following options

  • When you want to play one and dont have one
  • Tomorrow
  • When you have one but would like another
  • You cant have too many so perhaps collect the set?

Having pretty much finished the beginners course, I feel overall it is skewed towards electric. But it’s great fun to learn on both electric and acoustic plus plectrum and finger styles which is what i did.


Hey Andy,

You know you want to get one mate. You just came on here to get the go ahead from us. Well, I’m tellin ya to get down the guitar shop and start tryin a few out. We wanna see some photos next week. :nerd_face::guitar:

Seriously though, if you’ve got the funds, get one now. Loads of fun and learning to be had. And as @Majik said, remember to factor in the amp etc in the cost.
All the best.

Cheers Shane


Hi Andy, I had exactly the same question in mind - until last Sunday (to be explained below). I love my acoustic :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. I’ve been learning for a year now and totally happy with it. My main goal is to play primarily fingerstyle. Just for my own pleasure or at log fires, family parties,… For most of the songs I like to play, the acoustic is the right instrument. But not for all :wink: . Recognizing this, and also the fact that in the JG modules to come (I’m finishing module 10 at the moment), having an electric as well, might be an advantage. And besides that, I think, it’s always good to be able to play on both guitar types :blush: .

So, as I’ve said, this was also my question until last Sunday. I’ve already been searching the internet for a nice 2nd hand electric; even tried one out, but was not satisfying…
And last Sunday, at a family dinner, my parents in law handed me over an old electric, they had found on their attic. It’s an Ibanez from the 1990s. The strings are probably the same age :grimacing:. So I was very careful, when I tried it out :sweat_smile: . And there seem to be some more minor things to adjust, before I can really use it. But I’ll give it a chance :innocent: .
Additionally, I’ve found another used electric on the internet (a Fender Squier Strat :guitar:), I’ll probably buy next week.
So from asking myself ‘Do I really need an electric?’ to ‘I’ve got 2 of them.’, it’s sometimes a very short path :rofl: .

So, to make a long story short - yes, go for it. Give it a try. And if you don’t like it, you can still sell it :wink: .


you don’t ever “have” to buy one. you can get along fine with the acoustic. if you “want” to get one, go for it. just remember you cant just buy an electric and start playing, you’ll need an amp also….its quite an upfront investment. suggest going on one of the used sites like reverb,better to get “good” used stuff at a discount than cheap new stuff that you wont like down the road.

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Welcome, @Andy_Myth !

Hi Andy. In my experience(Learning through Justin’s course for a year) I had difficulty in the beginning using my acoustic. Between finger pain, longer finger stretching and fatigue it slowed my learning process so I bought an old cheap used electric. I noticed improvement in my chord changes quickly as well as an uptick in my confidence. After a few months I brought the acoustic back into my practice schedule a few times a week to improve my hand and finger strength and was surprised at my improved skills.
A year later I find myself using my acoustic almost exclusively. Hope this helps.


Hi Anjuthan
Welcome to the Community! :slight_smile:
I agree… if you’re in a position to (have the funds) and you want to (feels like you do :slight_smile: ) and you have somewhere to put it down/hang it up when you’re not playing it, then go for it :smiley:

Well if you’re normal you can’t have just one guitar!

but be careful of G. A. S. (Gear Acquisition Syndrome, or Guitar Acquisition Syndrome)


I agree with the general consensus: the time is now.


I have always this was a useful guide


Im by no means an expert but my experience has been that if you feel you’re limited its time. Having an electric guitar opens you up to a ton of new styles and techniques, just remember if you do get an electric you also need an amp and cables etc :smiley:

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Yep, time to buy one is today! …And the time to think about buying your second one is immediately after buying your first :metal::sunglasses::wink::sweat_smile: