Atmospheric River

Acoustic guitar jam on a wet afternoon:

Hope everyone is well!


All is well my side, Clint, thanks.

Good to hear another from you again.

And spotting it shared in AVOYP is a good enough reason to have a second listen after catching it on YT earlier.

Ever so tasty.

This was a tasty jam Clint, very soulful and poetic!

Hey Clint, this was immensely’ atmospheric’ :smiley:
In my early teens I lived in Bern, Switzerland where, in the summer, the whole city spends their leisure time floating down the fast-flowing river that runs through the city centre, walking back upstream and floating down again. Best fun ever. I closed my eyes and was transported to the movie in my mind replaying that feeling.
Cool :sunglasses:

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Some really mellow acoustic guitar there Clint and I enjoyed that part of your performance. I have to confess I wasn’t so keen on the backing track. I felt it made the whole thing a bit ‘complicated’.

Thats wonderful Clint, such a peace in mind =)

Hi Clint,
:sunglasses: :canoe: :fountain: :beach_umbrella: :sunglasses:
Loved the end :smile: :wink:

@DavidP, good to hear that things are going well for you. So much going on in the world these days, thank goodness we have our music to help us cope and express ourselves. As always I appreciate the support and encouragement.

@glpguitar , “Atmospheric River” is what the news channels are calling our recent barrage of rain. Hence the mood and inspiration of this track. Hopefully I was able to express the current mood.

@brianlarsen , cool take on the track! It’s more important how music is received and processed by a listener than whatever the original intent might have been. Rivers of all kinds can inspire, and there are a lot of great river songs to choose from and cover.

@sairfingers & @DarkWillowTM thanks for the listen and comments!

@roger_holland , all of my tracks end mercifully. :slight_smile:


That was really cool CT haven’t heard from you for a while! Tone was very interesting and overall really mellow and chilled impro, well done!

Very nice for a mellow rainy day. :face_with_spiral_eyes:

@adi_mrok, time flies and it’s easy to lose track of things when there are only so many hours in a day. So many things going on at once. Just glad you took the time to listen and comment. The tone and overall session was improvisational, experimental and inspiration driven.

@JasonBuk , we’re not used to all of this rain down here. Sparked some introspection and inspiration. “Atmosheric River” has been the buzzword from the local weather commentators.

Hi Clint,

Nice atmospherics.
Really nailed a great mood - somehow dark and light at the same time.
So much space in the track - just chilled out and uncluttered.
I reckon you could build off this and do a cover of The End by The Doors. :slight_smile:


So nice i listened twice, Backing track really made it special i think. Mellow bass notes and harpsichordy treble notes of the lead part sound very unusual The effect is very hypnotic.

@Digger72 , I appreciate your comment and insight! Yeah it was gloomy and wet outside when I recorded this track, but here I am today prepping for the Spring garden. BTW, I have “toyed” with “The End” and have not been in the proper head space to stylize it in a useful way.

The space element in the track was provided by the “Large Room” EQ in iMovie. Definitely a larger room than I’ve ever played in. LOL

@Will_E_Vander I appreciate you giving it a listen 2x! Check out the backing track in the video description and give it a try. I can’t even tell you which mix of scales or modes I was using — felt like Amaj or minor over a Dmaj progression. Such is the way of the improvisation. Certainly accented the A note a lot. I tossed in a few notes and riffs that did not belong and liked them anyway. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Haha! I just went back and looked at the backing track, it says Amaj even though it starts with two bars of Dmaj. Always trust your ears children.

I loved that Clint. It created a superb atmosphere with a very chilled vibe. Nice way to spend a rainy afternoon.

that was great Clint, very atmospheric. Reading about you inspiration for the track; I think you expressed the current mood superbly.

That was really nice Clint, quite thought provoking for me today actually, nice :+1:

@SgtColon @Socio @Notter , thanks for listening and taking the time to comment. Much appreciated. Glad that the mood reflected the current shift in the weather. Thankfully Spring is right around the corner. :slight_smile:


Cool CT,

Good to see you and hear you playing! I guess you have had a little Seattle weather of late. At least the reservoirs are filled up!


Thanks for the listen and comment @LBro! You will probably be hearing less and less of me as I’m not a huge fan of the one AVOYP post per month rule and then amalgamation of posts within the month. It is inorganic. I will be holding back my next video clip until the first of April. Subscribers to my channel will be able to hear what I release as they occur.

Good call! Yeah this weather is much better suited to Oregon. Fishing and gardening will be great this year, so there is always an upside to everything.