Attending Open mic 2nd. Attempt

That has been my experience, exactly :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face:

I have not been active here for several weeks, so when I saw your remark, I got it into the wrong throat and just started wondering… What has happened while I was away, it can’t be that the tone has changed…

But yes: All good :blush:

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Congrats on Number 2 Trond. Loved the write up and the story of how the evening panned out. Guess you found a good strategy to ease into the session, despite the autocue “malfunction”. Wish you every success, as I suspect this may become a regular things. :+1: :beer: :beers: :sunglasses: :studio_microphone: :guitar: :+1:

That’s really awesome. Well done, you can’t ask for better response than that.

We do tend to magnify our mistakes in our own heads.

I remember that weird feeling about singing into a mic, it took me a while to get used to it and to the directional nature of many / most vocal mics.

I’d encourage you to learn your public performance songs from memory so you don’t have to worry about scrolling or any similar issues. I started playing, like you, with song sheets, and a friendly music club member nudged me to learn to play from memory. Made the world of difference and wasn’t anywhere near as hard as I thought it was going to be.

tRONd> Did this while i slowly started to play the guitar with just muted strings to get the rythm down…

I remember at your first OM in the community, someone, maybe @Richard_close2u mentioned that you had a really good technique of playing the chord sequence quietly while you introduced the song, it eased you into performance mode.


That is a thing i find useful when im nervous. Not sure why. I like to use 30-40 seconds noodling with muted strings or low strumming/ picking strings while talking or getting ready. It gives me some sort of a «jumpstart» maybe…


Nice feedback Trond :+1:

Wow, quite a crowd you’re performing for, good to read you are taking positive learning from every experience, keep it up!

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Nice one Trond and well done! Thanks for sharing your feedback on how the evening went. Keep rocking those OM’s!

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Awesome stuff, Trond! Really inspiring! Thanks so much for sharing your experience again :clap: :sunglasses: :+1:

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The other forumites therefore said unto him-
“We have seen the Trond!”
But Brian said unto them-
“Except I shall see his sausage fingers pluck the strings, and hear the caterwauling of his voice, I will not believe.”

Hahahaha!!! :rofl:
You do make a solid point there Mr. Larsen :grin:

Did not forget this time around though. it felt so akward to ask anyone to record me while playing, it was just to embarrasing… and even worse to set up the iphone and press record before playing, that would have looked incredibly stupid :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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You should try it once; I do it all the time :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I can relate to that, im in that same boat :grin:

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That was a great read, Trond! Sounds like good, fun and rewarding experience! :smiley:

Glad you earned some well deserved love from the audience. :+1:

So any plans for the next OM? Aaaaand will we get to see you then? :wink:

Thanks for sharing this story, cool stuff and even something to extract even just from reading.

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Hi Lisa :grin:
I plan for a seat in the audience in the upcoming OM
i currently dont have a great place to perform in an OM , I am trying to figure out how i can get something to work in the future though…

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Hi Trond,

Thanks for sharing. That’s really awesome you did a real show and shared your experiences. I’m getting close to that stage of my guitar journey as well. I might start acoustic though for the first round. I can’t usually get the sound right in electric even at home alone lol. I love what you said about going with it and keeping it moving even when things went a little crazy. I met a lady on the way to Catalina Island last year who told me similar advice. Do an open mic and chances are the crowd will help you with the lyrics if you forget them and cheer you on to keep trying. I love that you gave it a serious go. Hopefully one of the young kids bought you a beer that night.

Anyways your story motivated me to give it a shot at playing a real show the same. I agree that even if you know the lyrics you could freeze and forget. No worries about that. Take care my friend


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Trond what a great story, thanks for sharing! Really glad it went okay, and students should be ashamed if they dont know who Dylan or Pearl Jam is :laughing: you are a very brave man and I really admire how you are getting yourself out there, must be a great feeling!

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I loved this story Trond. And I’m sure you had them all captivated with your enchanting voice!

I like the idea of being different - crunchy electric guitars in a sea of acoustics. Did you just take your guitar and plug into their amps? Sounds like the sound guy did your tone?

Bummer about the scrolling problem! Sounds like you handled it really well though.

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That is more or less what i did. I arrived a little bit late, and so was the soundguy. so a other guy were doing sound checks. There was a bass player that struggled with a lot of noise in his base, so a good amount of tilme went to troubleshoot that.
I decided that i did not want to do it as last time.
Last time i went straigt from soundcheck to performing first, and that was a bit weird, beacause i had messed around soundchecking and practising with the same song i was about to perform :rofl::rofl::rofl:
So when the usual Soundguy came around i just asked him if we could find a grungy tone on the fly… and yes. That is what i did.


Hi Adi!! :grin:
Yep. «Kids» should absolutly know Dylan and PJ… i know for a fact that the two guys that came over did not, because they asked me again for band name and that they wanted to check them out :rofl: :rofl::rofl:

But seriously… it is not like it was when i grew up, where all the great music was played on the radio and such. Today there is a lot of junk music that get air time…
But we cant really blame them either… PJs alive was released 15 years before many of them were even born…

Nice hearing from you again Adi :grin:

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