Audigo Wireless Microphone

I have never posted a New Topic before so hope this is the right place.

I have zero experience of Audio/Video recording but would like to participate/ in the AVOYP category in 2024.

There is obviously a wealth of experience within the Community and I am wading through postings in the relevant categories in an effort to understand my Garagebands from my Abletons etc etc etc.

Yesterday while on Apple News I stumbled on a MusicRadar review of the Audigo Portable Wireless Microphone and IOS App. Here is the link :-

Audigo Website :-

On the face of it this seems a fairly unique concept (to me) but I understand there are some limitations I.e. Only compatible with IOS, at the moment only available in the US. The website FAQ’s state that they hope to introduce an Android version in 2024 and they are hoping to launch in Canada, Mexico, Europe and Australia in 2024.

I could find no reference to Audigo on the Forum hence my post.

I would be very interested to hear the views and/or advice from other members.

John, firstly good job on the post, 100% correct.

Based on the reviews it looks like a nifty piece of kit for making single take videos with an iPhone with better quality audio and video framing flexibility.

If you are not a laptop or PC user with aspirations to make use of GarageBand in the future (I assume you are in the Apple-verse) then ideal. I assume GarageBand also runs on the iPhone or iPad but would not fancy working in GarageBand on such a small touch screen. Speaking of which, would the app also run on an iPad?

If longer term future is computer-based may make sense to look at other interface and mic options.

I have no insight into the cost and value for money aspect.

David, thank you for your immediate (almost) response!! Yes I am an Apple User, I have a MacBook with GarageBand available which I am finding a little daunting to be honest. I wouldn’t want to run it on either iPhone or iPad.

I think the Audigo is about $250 in the US so not inconsiderable!I

I think I need to take your advice and spend a bit more time evaluating AI’s and Mic’s and utilising what I have available.

Again thank you for your response.

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My approach is pretty straight forward, I record on my iPhone (which allows me to record anywhere, I’m not tethered to a studio or music room) using a really good plugin stereo mic (Shure MV-88), then I air drop the recording into my mac, and edit it in iMovie. iMovie allows some final editing of the audio as well as video filters, text, fades, etc.


No issues with GB on iPad, note it’s an iOS version so simpler than the Mac version. Any tracks created on iPad can be transferred to Mac for full functionality.

Thank you Clint @CT . This sounds a neat solution presumably with no synching issues between Audio & Video. I will do some more investigation with iPhone/Mac after the holidays. Thank you for taking the time to respond.

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Thank you Greg @Gregba .Unfortunately I do not have access to an iPad today (unless I can separate my wife from hers!!! - unlikely)
Just got to bite the bullet and have a go with GB on the Mac.

@CT would you be able to connect that MV-88 to the MacBook, Clint?

John, I was thinking GarageBand more in terms of future-proofing the choice. If the mic Clint mentions is more affordable and connects to the MacBook as well as the iPhone it may be a better option given your particular the use cases (now and in future), which may not play to all the strengths/capabilities of the Audigo, which justify the higher price (assuming the MV-99 is not a similar price).

Thanks again David @DavidP at my age (75) future proofing is perhaps not my priority! :rofl:
I have been thinking about this overnight and I think I have to stop procrastinating and get my first AVOYP going as soon as possible in the New Year. I just want to sing a simple song and accompany myself in time and in tune. Multi-track music production is certainly beyond me today but “Never say never”!
Clint’s @CT solution seems the more achievable albeit I will start with the iPhone mic and we will see where that takes me. I’m sure he knows more about this than me but my understanding (very limited) was that I would need an AI to connect a Shure MV-88 to the Mac for GarageBand. Air dropping from my iPhone to the Mac and then into iMovie for editing and exporting to You Tube seems relatively straightforward and comes with no expense.
I wish you and yours a Merry Xmas and a Healthy & Peaceful New Year.

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I don’t know, John. But I think an equally likely possibility is that you need a particular cable that the mic plugs into on one end and into a suitable socket in the MacBook. Now such a cable may cost the same as a basic AI … OK, that is said tongue-in-cheek but do believe that Apple accessories are not the cheapest :grin:

I am thinking this based on the available of USB mics for Windows PCs which I imagine might work with a Android phone with a suitable cable and driver on the phone.

But I could be way wrong.

No audio interface needed with this setup. The Mic plugs directly into your iPhone. This makes for very portable and immediate recording.

No need for Garageband because you set your recording levels in the Shure’s mic app on the iPhone. Minimal recording savvy is needed beyond watching the recording levels to make sure you aren’t red lining (clipping).

No cables are needed because you are air dropping the file to your laptop. From there load your file into iMovie and add titles, fades, filters, etc. You can do some final tweaks with the audio levels and add some EQ as well. iMovie allows you to upload to Youtube directly.

This from the Shure site:

The MVi, MV5, MV51, and MV88+ can connect to any Mac or PC with a standard USB Micro to USB A cable. No drivers are required.

The MV-88 that I have is an older version and does not work on a laptop.

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OK understood Clint @CT. Thank you for the clarification. Compliments of the season to you.

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