Audio crackling in Reaper, VLC, Youtube when seeking through track?

Hi there,
I just noticed (although it might have been already here for some time) crackling/popping when I seek through song in Reaper. It also occurs in VLC and Youtube, but doesn’t occur in Audacity. Easiest way to describe it is when I play song in either Reaper, VLC or Youtube and then click somewhere else in song by using seek bar there is noticeable pop. Is that a normal behavior or what? It’s not too problematic, as it only happens when jumping through the song using seek bar. In Audacity I noticed there is ever so slight delay (maybe 0.2 seconds) before audio resumes when I jump through the song so that might explain the absence of popping in Audacity.

Can anyone confirm me that this is normal behavior and I do not need to mess with drivers and stuff? On my older laptop it happens also. I just wonder if this is normal and what is actually causing it.

Thank you a lot for help!

Can’t say I have noticed that, SkyBlue. I have had issues when I push the DAW hard in terms of the plugins and number of tracks.

You could experiment with the buffer size and bit-rate to see if that makes a difference.

I find I get pops and crackles feeding OBS if my Reaper Buffer Size is below 512. I know is marginally increases latency but I still run around 14ms total but dropping to 256 or 128 is an audio nightmare.

Makes sure the Reaper settings are reflected in ASIO, they need to be in sync.

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