Audioslave - Broken City (cover)

Hello everyone,
some time ago, my son Philip called me and said that he was driving a car and listening to Audioslave, and that Chris Cornell’s vocals are similar to mine. And why haven’t Mike and I done any Audioslave covers yet?
I’m not sure that Philip is right about the similarity of voices, but the fact that we didn’t pay tribute to this super band is our big mistake )))
So listen please to this cover. It seems to me that may be in some ways it’s even more interesting than the original, mainly because Mike came up with and played a completely original solo, which Audioslave does not have.
Hope you like it, and keep on rocking!
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Hey Crock & Mike,
Wow, the guitars in this are played and brought out really well in the mix. Parts of it remind me of Black Sabbath. You vox is great Leo… You are probably doing the best hard rock vox on the board IMHO…

So all in all a very interesting offering from a band I never heard any songs, of… Thanks for the enlightenment!

All the best guys!

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Not my favourite song from Audioslave but still a great tune. When I heard the solo I knew it is way beyond Tommy Morello’s skillset to play :joy: brilliant job guys as ever! All the best

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Cool performance and production!

I don’t think your voice is very similar to Cornell but I do think this is an awesome version! :smiley:

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Leo and Mike, you never disappoint! Leo I like the guts and grit in your vocals, the insistent beat of the drums and Mike weaving his spine tingling soundscape all the way through.

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That was pretty awesome. Great production guys.

LB, adi_mrok, LievenDV, batwoman, Jkahn,
thanks for kind comments, Mike and I are very grateful :slightly_smiling_face:
Maggie, special thanks to you! Your words are always very imaginative and filled with deep meaning. You know how to feel better than most people!

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Hi Leo and Mike,
I have no comparison material,…but this sounds great, both guitar and raw vocals :sunglasses:… Nice song for in the car on a quiet highway…

Sheesh, what’s left to say?
Another tightly packaged piece of rock shaking the foundations.
That’s a fancy bit of fretwork by young Michael.
поздравляю, мои русские друзья :sunglasses:

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Another totally pro production. Mike and Leo, you guys are pro-grade as far as I am concerned.

I’ve not listened to much Audioslave and Cornell, I guess just after my time and what I’ve sampled doesn’t move me. So can’t compare the solo to the original, just appreciate it on its own merits, or comment on the vocal compared to Chris Cornell, just know he is highly regarded, and as always enjoyed your vocal Leo.

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Leo /Mike

I’ve been a bit awol forum wise and can’t believe I missed this but I guess hitting “Dismiss” every time I drop in would do that ! That was incredible, great vocals great solo great production and moving lyrics and a well chosen song. All the better for me to hear this as I am not familiar with Audioslave, so some investigating may be called for !

Take care of yourself.



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roger_holland, brianlarsen, DavidP, tobyjenner,
thank you for comments, dear friends!
Keep on rocking,

LBro, adi_mrok, LievenDV, batwoman, jkahn, roger_holland, brianlarsen, DavidP, TheMadman_tobyjenner
Thank you all for the great feedback!!

Hi LBro, thanks for the feedback, I’m glad this reminded you of BS, I consider Tony a trailblazer for heavy riffs.

Adrian, thank you so much for your kind words! :slight_smile:

Hi Brian, thanks for the kind words.
I left a youtube post under your son’s band video, their performance was great! I watched the video three times, all the guys are just great!

Great job Leo. Really enjoyed this

Hi Guys,

Massive production - has a real weighty feel.
Great thud to the drums and strong bass presence.

Vocals “rock” solid. :slight_smile:
Guitar work is fantastic and wonderfully inventive. I love that sort of stuttering effect in the solo.

Loved it.

For Cornell - one of my all time fave songs is Black Hole Sun. Just love that soundscape.


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I knew there was something I had forgotten to respond to, Mike :laughing:
Thank you so much! Yes, it’s fun to watch your offspring develop, especially when they acquire skills that are beyond me :rofl:

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Hi Digger, thank you very much! And about the Black Hole Sun song, I want to say that I am delighted with it, it’s just a fantastic track!!

Rosshkerr, Digger72,
thank you, guys!
And yes, Black Hole Sun is really great song.

Hey Leo and Mike. So well done. I’m rarely familiar with these type songs since I steer towards country/pop/current indie etc., but then I listen to songs like this, pull up the lyrics and then in this case, become transported to the songwriters story. I’m introduced to a new band/artist. Really enjoyed this version from you both.

Thank you, Pamela.
it’s always nice to read your comments.