August Music _ Ruby soho and others Jeff

Hi everyone,

I decided I’m king overdue to upload a new song. This one’s Ruby Soho by Rancid. More videos to come soon. Feedback is always welcome and appreciated.

Jeff from San Diego


I just heard this song recently, it popped up on a Spotify recommendation or something. Great job, nice strumming workout!

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Nice work Jeff :fire::fire::fire:

Love this song. Always sing to my dog ‘Ruby’
I think I heard something cool in the chorus with the bass line. Great video!!

Hi guys thanks a lot for the feedback. The original is played with palm muting but really liked this version I did. Thanks for listening.

I decided to do a double feature today since I slacked in July. I got tickets to see these guys on Tuesday as a tribute I bring u know self esteem.

Let me know what u think😎



Jeff, I picked the second to watch and really enjoyed the energy. Some quick changes and mixed up the rhythm effectively.

If you have a mic and interface (I forget who has what gear), I reckon you could have some fun dialling up a more gritty tone on the electric which might drown your voice out without the aid of a mic.

Now my ears are certainly not a human tuner but wondered if your guitar was fully in tune. Irrespective, it’s a good habit to always check tuning before making a recording (if you haven’t already cultivated that habit).

Keep on rocking!

Hi Jeff,

I checked out both renditions and liked Ruby Soho a little more. :slight_smile: :clap:

Some nice steady strumming going on there, vox was also good. :+1: Self Esteem has some quite fast changes going on there, wow! But it had a good drive and power in it. :smiley:

Also I agree with David, I think your guitar was a little out of tune to my ears as well. But nevertheless, 2 solid and enjoyable performances of yours, Jeff! All the practice cleary pays off. :smiley:

Keep’em coming.

Cheers - Lisa

So after the out of tune comment I had to quickly check because I recorded both songs about an hour apart. I now remember that at one point the guitar slipped off the desk and hit the floor, likely tweaked the high E tuning. Hopefully it didn’t sound awful because of that and I’ll have to be more keen next time. Thanks for the feedback though. That’s helpful to know when things aren’t going quite right. I think I was tunnel vision focused on my voice since I was sick most of July and just starting to feel better. Have a great day everyone.


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It was far from sounding awful, Jeff. No worries. :slightly_smiling_face:

Wish you fast and full recovery for your voice soon! It’s so odd not to be able to use it as you wish and being sick. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Have a great day as well! :smiley:

Two very energetic strum workout songs there Jeff. Good stuff.
I’d also have liked a bit more grit from your guitar. I’d also like to hear those songs played on an acoustic. I think it would suit them.

Hi Gordon,

Thanks for listening. I just restored a Flying V acoustic guitar and hope to play that offspring song on it, hopefully during next Saturdays open mic if I can get it done- in tune this time lol. Take care

The speed you are developing puts a smile on my face every time I listen to a new recording of you, Jeff. Considerably more proficcient than the previous one again, well done.

One bit of feedback: I think you can add some more dynamics.

For e.g. At 1:19, you change your strumming to play some cool crochets. At the very beginning of this, you could go full quiet and build up until you drop the sick riff you start playing at 1:24 where you sing “destination unknown”. From here you could play just the lowest 2-3 strings to drop the volume a bit and add a more rugged effect right after the build-up.

I would get a bit more comfortable playing the song, then think through the song to identify which parts I could play softer and louder and then try to incorporate them.

Now, where do I start… I agree with Serhat and I also think that these are surely the best song videos you have posted so far :slightly_smiling_face:

I saw Rancid play “Ruby Soho” live at the beginning of June and the song made the whole audience dance. I still remember the very dominant bass, the distinctive drums and of course three guys singing the chorus. So while this might seem like a simple little Punkrock song, it’s most certainly difficult getting these dynamics across with only one guitar and one voice.

I think @sairfingers idea might actually work :smiley: It would be really interesting to hear what “Ruby Soho” would sound like on an accoustic :smiley:

Knowing that you were resp. are still a bit ill, I would also like to point out that I think your singing has improved. I noticed this especially in Self-esteem.

Looking forward to seeing you perform at the next Open Mic :slightly_smiling_face:

Great performance on both Jeff! Far beyond where I’m at but I can appreciate your consistent timing with your strumming and singing. I don’t know the first song, but I recognize the Offspring song and really enjoyed hearing you play and sing it! Hope you feel better soon.

PS: I love the color of your guitar (I’m a sucker for guitar aesthetics)! Which guitar is that?

Thanks very much for the compliment. You will get to the level of playing and singing like that too. I thought it would be impossible for me. I took baby steps and eventually got there. Timing was s big thing vi struggled with in the beginning .

The guitar is a fender strat. I prefer it over Gibson les Paul for example due to its light weight especially while standing. Everyone has their own preferences though. If you remember this movie, years before I thought of playing guitar lol…



Yes I do, that’s a blast from the past :rofl: Although back then I didn’t know what a Fender was :grin:

Thank you for the words of encouragement :pray:t4:
I plan to buy a MIM Fender Strat some day (got my eye on a Silverburst Player Plus HSS) but I need to figure out a milestone that’s worthy of that (and a trip abroad as they don’t sell them here in Kuwait).

Milestone? MILESTONE??? Who needs ‘em?

I’m thinking “It’s Monday… what a Milestone!!!” ought suffice as a reason to buy a new guitar!!!

Well… maybe Friday would be better… end of the work week & time to celebrate!!!




I think sometimes I forget how it is a struggle in other countries to find instruments that are readily available here in the USA. The particular HSS model is available here, Mexican made for around $500 dollars US. Very affordable and sounds great. I hope you can take a trip to the US or a country that has them available. You’ll love it.

I listened to these songs again today and thought Gordon is right I need to add some grit to the songs. Using distortion is new to me and will take some practice to sound good.

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