Automatic AI translations of videos

Hey everyone,
I just stumbled across this AI tool:

It does automatic translations of videos, even using the voice of the original speaker. The restriction on the website is currently 5 minutes, but I am sure there are also other tools that offer a similar service.

I am from Germany and even though my English is good enough to understand Justin (most of the time), I think this could be really useful for many guitarists and possibly open up the website and the videos for a lot of new learners.
As an example my 9-year old son plays guitar, but doesn’t understand enough English to benefit from Justin’s videos. So for kids it would be absolutley amazing. Also translating the website and transcripts with the latest AI tools would be an option.

What does everyone else think? I should at least be worth a try, right? I’d love to see Justin speak perfect German!

Let us know if you’ve done a test and if you want any feedback on the translations.

Take care,

Just as a disclaimer: I have no affiliation with HeyGen, I just came across it in a newsletter this morning. Looking into new AI applications is part of my job, but I am by no means an expert.