Autumn Leaves [Melody]

In this lesson, we learn how to play the melody for this easy jazz standard.

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Ah, no, the incredibly helpful post doing the transcription for me has gone!

Does anybody know which patern Justin is using?

Oh me oh my one of my most loved and hated and adored and spurned songs. I remember when @oldhead49 posted this many years ago. Dave if you’re out there could you post it please?

Thankyou @JGAdmin for this, I had no idea there was a lesson.

Hi @ruben and welcome to the community.
Justin talks about being in one position - location around a certain span of frets, not a scale pattern.
Justin talks about getting your fingers used to playing using a pattern within that position - not a scale pattern.
If your question is asking about a scale pattern - this isn’t using just one scale. Jazz melody in general does not stick to one scale so not one scale pattern.
Can you clarify if that is what you are asking?
Cheers :blush:
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