Autumn Leaves Walking Bass: 007-OM Fiasco Sight-reading Challenge

Hello everybody!

TL;DR (rightfully so :smiley:), here’s the recording:
Sight-Reading Challenge: Autumn Leaves Walking Bass (phone recording)

(Way too long of a) Backstory:
I signed up for this event as a performer, got my setlist ready and a guest vocalist confirmed but work stepped in. With no time to practice, I had to pull out of the roster but being in the audience and just hang out with such a cool bunch of people, still makes it absolutely worth it! Saturday evening comes, big screen connected to the laptop, headphones ready, click the link to join the event…technical difficulties. Fast forward 1h45m, I finally manage to reboot the system and join the event, just in time to hear amazing performances from CT and LievenDV (listen to the whole concert here).

Somewhere in the chat, I see an invitation from adi_mrok to join with a last minute performance. Me, being a classic definition of a yes-man when it comes to challenges, I agree to it before even thinking what this means. I open Justin’s website, search through the song list, spot and decide that a sight-reading challenge of a jazz standard (almost) everybody heard before would be the most appropriate closure of the event.

And here comes my biggest failure of the night. Instead of downloading a Guitar Pro file with the transcription, I automatically downloaded the PDF. This meant that instead of pressing play on Guitar Pro, I had to scroll through the PDF file while playing. As you can imagine (or even worse, as you might have experienced last night!), it did not go down well. I quickly realised that and ended the performance.

I really felt bad for Brian who organised this open mic with a special cause, and also for all other performers and audience members. Had I just played one of songs I know or downloaded the Guitar Pro file, I would provide a minute or two of musical background while people would be “leaving the venue” after another successful event. I have to admit, the entire fiasco left a bit of a sour taste in my mouth.

Today, I woke up to a message from a vocalist I collaborated with before. It read “Would you be able to accompany me on a few songs in 2 weeks if I send you the charts later today?”

Of course I instantly typed yes but just before I sent it, I decided I need to test myself first. I opened Guitar Pro, loaded the Autumn Leaves file, plugged my guitar into the amp, put a phone in front of it, pressed record, pressed play in Guitar Pro and here’s how the closure of the 007 open mic should have sounded yesterday.

While it is far from perfect, I think I passed my test. I will be performing in a couple of weeks!

Thank you for listening. Criticism is always welcome.


Bearing in mind how much time you had to prep and obstacles you went through because of me (haha) I think you did great yesterday, but even more glad to listen to the track recorded in a lot more recording friendly environment :blush: very jazzy and me like it!

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You cool cat you. Congrats on your collab gig :star_struck:

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No criticism from me - sounds great, pretty amazing for sight reading too. Would love to hear it with vocals, such a brilliant song.

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Well, that sounds fantastic :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses:…I’ve tried it a few times too, but this will be on next year’s list…You`r good,Bis bis bis

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glp, you most certainly passed. That sounded great, a lovely tone and groove.

It was good to see and hear you on Sat, irrespective of how it may have gone … the most important thing is the camaraderie of us all coming together to share the joy of music.

Wish you well for the upcoming gig.

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Thank you everyone for listening and for your kind words! I know it’s one of the most played jazz standards but it is one of my favourites.

The upcoming gig will be an interesting one. Went through the songs yesterday and it is some sort of a modern pop but with some latin jazz influence.

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That was great sir and it sounds like you did pretty well on Sat considering all of the obstacles thrown in your way! Great news on the gig and good luck! make sure you get some video/audio so you can share. Always good to see people playing out live.

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Luka absolutely nothing to apologise for and both versions sound real good. You had zero prep time Saturday and stood in like a trooper, Be kind to yourself man, all is good.


That sounded great GL. Sight reading as well, nice!

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Thanks again for all the kind words guys! First rehearsal coming up this Sunday!

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