Avatar Dashboard Update Not Visible in Community

Hi all,

I wanted to set up my avatar and profile a bit before posting in the introductions thread, and I think I followed the directions by updating my avatar on the JustinGuitar dashboard. I see my picture there, but I don’t see the picture here in the discussion community. Any idea what I may have done wrong?


Hi Brian and welcome to Community. It’s a well known bug on the Community, all I suggest to do is either:

  • logging in to your Community and JG.com account from a different browser you don’t use (like Microsoft Edge) or doing it on other device
  • starting your browser in incognito mode and again logging in to both places

That should do the trick :wink:


Fantastic, that worked! Thank you so much!


I found this thread after searching why I couldn’t get my avatar to change either in Community after I put up a new one in my profile. Don’t you hate those persistent well-known bugs?!

Anyway, thought I’d mention that as I only have one browser on my laptop, Microsoft Edge, and not enough space for another. I just closed all the Justain Guitar tabs after logging out. Then I opened new tabs and logged back in and was disappointed to see I still had the older avatar in the Community but then, a few minutes later, it suddenly, magically popped up with the new one. So, I’m all good now, too. Just thought y’all might like to know a different method worked.

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