Avleen's learning log

Started guitar for the first time in late 2019. Since then I’ve played it on and off because self teaching has been tough and i encountered issues with guitars multiple time.
Have been consistent since the past month.
Currently in grade 2.

Video games: lana del rey


Welcome Avleen, Nice song, sounds good. How long have you been playing for?

Hi Avleen,
Sounds great to me, nice bright sounding clean chords and smooth transitions. Good job.
Best wishes,

Hi Avleen,
That sounded nice :sunglasses:, and good that you started with your LL because :sunglasses: there is nothing as fun as looking back over time how it all started… you’ve obviously been busy for a while but still, super fun and feel free to share some more context about where you are in the course so the feedback become more focused etc.
When making a video it is also nice if your other hand is also on it because many tips can often be given to that, okay not that much :smile:but hopefully you understand what I mean,

Hi Avleen,

nice tackle on this one, most transitions were smooth and most chords rang out quite nice and clean. :slight_smile:

As suggested by co-commenters above: Could you provide a few details, like how long your playing, which grade you’re working on currently. Stuff like that. It will help us help you with some advice. :smiley:

Also, as suggested by @roger_holland Rogier, for next shots please try to show also the strumming hand. Especially in early stages, there’s lots to be aware about and keep in mind and sometimes it’s really good if some objective eyes take a closer look. :smiley:

Good to start a learning log though - I’m looking forward to some next updates and your progress. All the best and loads of fun while learning. :slight_smile:

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Bravo, Avleen. All I can add to what has been said already is a :+1: for the use of the thumb to mute the low E string on the D and C chords (at least it appears to be doing that on the video).

Some really good clean chords on display there Arleen. As has already been said, I’d have liked to have seen your strumming action too.

Why the capo on 2 when you’re not singing? Is it to keep in the key of the original? Details like that are what other players want to know.

Well done on starting a LL. It’ll be great to look back on as you progress.

Yes it was to keep the original key.

Thank you sir.
Yes, i use my thumb to mute the 6th string.

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Thank you sir.
On and off since 2019.
Have been consistent this past month

Thank you so much.
I’ll also add the strumming hand in my next update.

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