AVOYP - Elliott Smith, Angeles

Hi everybody,

after the vacation in summer, work did take again most of my time and I was hardly able to join any activity here in the community. At least I managed to learn one or the other new song and I decided to record another AVOYP of me practicing Elliott Smith, Angeles.

Still no recording equipment, no capo to make singing along easier and a lot of red-light tension (which you hear every once in a while during the play) but still kind of proud what I’ve achieved :slight_smile: .

Thanks for listening and be kind…


That was really great Ulrich. Beautifully played and sung. I really enjoyed that. Take a bow :bowing_woman:!!!

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Superb - couldn’t hear any trace of red light tension at all.

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Hello Ulrich, that sounded really great :hugs:. Definitely above my playing and singing level :grinning:. I really like the strumming/picking pattern. Doesn’t look easy. Thanks for sharing :clap::+1::smiley:.

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Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

It definetely took some time to practice this one but was also a lot of fun. I always enjoy tackling new picking/strumming patterns. At the beginning, it is some work to start really, really slow and get the timing / pattern right. It almost does not sound like music to me but rather robotic. But the moment when it suddenly “clicks” and it all makes sense is just great :smiley:

Most enjoyable, Ulrich, glad to hear despite business you had time to keep up your playing.

If you’d like more lessons for songs from Elliot Smith then I suggest you add that on the song request page: https://www.justinguitar.com/songs#requests-board

Done, thanks for the hint David!

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Hi Kun, welcome back. That was a fancy bit of picking/strumming on its own, let alone laying down an impressive vocal on top.
You seem to have remembered quite a lot of your ‘campfire’ skills :smiley: :fire:

Have to agree with the previous replies Ulrich, that was very pleasant indeed. Not an artist I am familiar with so no reference point but what I heard was well played and nicely sung, despite your reservations about the Key. Sounded good to me well done.


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Hi Ulrich,
That looked quite difficult and it sounded good,… :sunglasses: :clap:

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That sounded really beautiful :heart_eyes: I loved especially those single notes combined with strumming, and the vocals too were great :clap::clap::clap:

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Wow! That was marvellous Ulrich. I didn’t spot any tension in playing or singing either.

I’m not familiar with the song but I’ll be checking it out now.

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Very nice Ulrich. Elliot normally has some interesting chord combinations. Not one of his I’ve tried to play but a song I like. Playing sounded very nice. A little suggestion to try and project your vocal more. It very much sounds like you are singing to yourself.

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Good observation regarding the vocal, I’ll give it a try next time. Thanks for the hint!

Great playing. I’m impressed that you can sing along while you’re playing like that.

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