AWOL due comms issues

Just to let you know I am likely to be offline for the next 22 hours. Bad storm overnight has caused damage to local comms. Using flakey mobile signal to post but most likely that will be it for the day.

I’ve let David know what is going on, as it may take me out of the OM, if not fixed.

However, interesting observation. The app took ages to load over mobile data ie page content and subsequent pages drilling down to Just Chatting. I do not see that on the current forum app, which I’ve used quite a bit when dog walking.

May just be French telecoms, so suggest others check and report back. If it’s not just me, we will have to flag it as follow up issue.

I’m sure Keith will have some insight on this.

Anyway, hopefully back tomorrow morning.

Also noticed the min char banner warning, covers the topic line on the app, so you can’t see what you are typing. It only flagged the warning as I went to hit Create Topic. Anyone else seen that? Samsung A22 Android 11


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I’m not aware of anything more widespread than what you describe.

Stay safe and, hopefully, see you back here soon.



Ok have had stable internet/ethernet for about 90 minutes so looks like its BAU.

@DavidP would have sent a confirmation mail but Windows Mail has yet again dropped sync with yahoo and google, so having to delete and add accounts back on.

Bar another storm and outage, all good for tomorrow evening. :microphone: :headphones: :movie_camera:

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Good news, Toby, good news.

Yeah apart from the PC inbox now being flooded with the backlog of mails, now everything is synced back up ! Every time there’s a Win upd or prolonged outage Windows Mail loses the handshake. It is a right pita and to get the 2 Sky accts (now Yahoo but passed on to dog nose how many companies now!) I have to disable VPN ! :rage: